Thursday, April 28, 2011

Singapore Race #2 : Run 350 10km

For my race #2 in Singapore, I registered myself for a 10km run (Run 350). This time it was being done by a different organizer so I'm hoping that the previous race was just a fluke..

My (men's category) race would start at 7:30AM while that of the women's category would start at 7:40AM. Similar to Singapore Race #1 in that there were two waves but this time, it's being segregated by the sex instead of a random wave of runners. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure how effective they were at giving this information out to the runners as I saw a bunch of women running with the 7:30AM start! Hmmm... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Like the race a week ago, I got to the race start quite early again. With a late starting time, it was perfect to catch the rising sun in Singapore. Good thing, I had Per's camera with me (she opted to sleep instead) and used that time to take a lot of pictures:

Fullerton Hotel

Race Start Area
ArtScience Museum, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Before the race start

By the time my race started, I had put the camera back in my bag, deposited said bag to the baggage counter and walked to the starting line. I expected this to be an easier (and faster) race as I have acclimatized to this country's hot weather, the race route was almost the same as the week before, plus the fact that it was shorter by 2km. Boy, was I wrong (again!). As we started at a later time, the weather was more humid and hotter than that of 2XU Compression Run. We used the sidewalks once again but with lesser people in this race, it wasn't as crowded as before (thank goodness).

It was another slow time for me but nevertheless, I enjoyed the scenery here. I immediately went to the baggage counter for fear of a repeat of the 45-minute line like that of last week but ended up getting the bag in just 5 minutes. Bananas and drinks were distributed at the finish line. Due to the hot weather, I left the area quickly and went back to the hotel to wake up Per.

This was definitely a better organization that that of 2XU Compression Run and I hope to do more races in this country in the future...

My results are as follows:

Bib 3722
Race Category Mens' Open
Nett Time 01:14:53
Gun Time 01:17:47.63
Rank 2327

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