Monday, May 2, 2011

Barefoot Running Session 2

After a successful event in MOA a few months back (click to read: Barefoot Running) a new challenge was presented to me: run 5.2km on Ultra's Oval Track. This would mean running the 400-meter Oval Track 13 times with no shoes or socks involved.

But before I took the challenge and got my feet dirtied, there was a short talk on Chi Running given by Lit Onrubia. In his talk, he discussed the importance of using balance in running, the proper running forms needed to protect one's body from injury, proper landing and take off, counting cadence, etc. This was followed by another short talk by Mike Logico, a regular barefoot runner, who explained some more things with regards to this new (or is it "new" old) form of running generating interest in the country. Mike gave up on his running shoes after getting injured with it for so many times (sounds familiar?). He then continued running barefoot and hasn't turned his back on it since then. It was, in his own words "his last hurrah" to running.

Both talks were quite interesting and I really took this to heart. Being injured myself for the longest time, it was something that definitely caught my attention and made me wonder, "what if running barefoot was the cure for all those runner's injuries due to wrong running forms?"

Once the talks were finished, we applied what we've learned on the Oval Track. Just to put it in perspective, I haven't been running consistently for some time. Usually it is just on a Sunday for a 10k race and that's about it. I ran last two nights ago at Ultra and did 2.4 km (6 loops) before I stopped to drink water and basically sat down for a couple of minutes. I did a few more loops but was exhausted by the end of it. It was tiring, difficult and I can't wait to reach my target distance of 8kms (after lowering it from 10kms). I kept drinking water, walked a lot and just didn't like the feeling I got. My last 2kms were at a super slow pace of 9 minutes per km!

So I had low expectations for this run too. I figured it would be harder without the support and cushioning of rubber shoes. That it would be stressful for my legs and take a lot more hard work to accomplish it. I even set a lower standard of just completing 3kms here rather than the 5.2kms I originally aimed to do.

Well, there's some good news and bad news: on the bad news - my feet were really really dirty after the run! That was expected of course but the wet, muddy ground didn't help at all. I also developed some small blisters on my left foot.

On the good news, I wasn't all! I completed the 5.2kms distance and felt I could do a whole lot more. There were no pains in my heel or knees nor that of my shoulders. It was as if I did not run at all! Wow, what a wonderful feeling! So twice I've ran barefoot and twice I was happy by the results.

Group shot!

Mike teaching us proper stretching and how to strengthen our legs further

As a bonus to today's run, there was a raffle prize for one lucky person care of Terra Plana Philippines as they plan to give one pair of VIVOBAREFOOT NEO! Drool !!!!!!

Guess who got it?

Lucky no. 6 !

Can't wait for the next session! Makes me wonder too: what would be my first barefoot race?

Thanks again to Barefoot Running Philippines for a great event! Find and add them on Facebook for future running sessions, caveman style!

And of course, a big thanks to Terra Plana Philippines for the shoes. Can't wait to try it!!

Those who are interested in minimalist running shoes can also visit their stores:

The Barefoot Store
Level 2 Entertainment Mall SM MOA
Level 3 Trinoma

Level 1 Alabang Town Center


Level 1 Ayala Center Cebu


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missed the event :(

gigay said...

can u pls give me ur prize? in exchange for my shocks!

Running Fatboy said...

thanks guys. Daves next time ulit :)

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