Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CCF Run + Forbes Run = 21km Weekend Run

Saturday (May 7, 2011):

I first ran 3km inside the village before heading out to Tiendesitas for the
CCF Run to Build 10km event.

I parked my car at Tiendesitas before heading out to the starting line where I saw a lot of familiar faces all doing the 10km race (Benny, Jay, Nat, Dave, Carolyn, Gigay, Mich, Meynard, Alvin, Anson, Vincent, Jobel, etc.).

With a very hilly route, PR is thrown off as people ran to have fun and for a bigger goal, which was for the construction of CCF's future building.

I walked a lot of times as the sun got to me and I was careful not to run too fast as I had to run 3km more after the race, my longest slow run since March! Wow, fitness level is definitely at its lowest for this
RUNNING FATBOY! But no choice for me if I am going to survive the following weekend's Goldilocks 21km Race!

I finished this race at a super slow time of 1:13++ (I think.. as my name wasn't posted in the official results), got the nice loot bag and disappeared quickly!

So sad! I didn't want to leave yet but knew if I delayed this further, I wouldn't have done the 16km self-imposed target I set for myself (as it was getting hotter and hotter)!
Well, it was good that I left and re-fueled as I was able to finish the last 3km and with enough energy to run some more. 16km distance conquered! Confidence re-built for a 21km run!

Congrats to all finishers for this race! Even with the hot weather, there were ample water stations located strategically along the route.

Sunday (May 8, 2011): Forbes Earth Day Run

This has got to be the most expensive 5km and 10km run in the Philippines! To note, a 5km race which includes a bib and a singlet costs Php 800, while a 10km race which had the same items as a 5km race costs Php 1,000. There are no chip timers, no finisher medals, no loot bag, nada!

And you can't run this alone. It's a buddy run so in order for you to run a 10km race, you need to get a partner and each of you shell out Php 1,000! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!

It's for charity... but still....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!

So I ran bandit! I knew the route anyway and I made sure not to stop at any of their water stations for the 5km race. I even went out to the next street to make the turn instead of going down the road
to head back so that's another 500 meters for me.

5km route was just a simple 2 loops around North Forbes Village. Another come-on for this race was that you will be running with Ms Earth Philippines Contestants. But still.... Php 1,000 for a 10km race is really expensive!

I kept wondering what made this run so expensive: is it because it wants to target the exclusive residents of Makati Villages only (as registrations only available there)? Do the Ms Earth Philippines contestants charge high fees for this run? Is the singlet made of gold threads? Is the "every-corner" direction signboard too high of a cost for the race committee? Does the nice luxury car that started the 10km race command a high fee from its owner?

After finishing the 5km run, I still did not have an answer but just glad that this run is for charity. Then I saw the faces of the runners and they were all cheerful and smiling. They held hands as they crossed the finish line (requirement for the Buddy Run). Lots of kids running with parents, spouses running together, friends with buddies. All in all, they had a great time! And that is something you can't put a price on....

A proud Bandit runner !


Anonymous said...

Even if you were a bandit runner, I'd like to thank you for coming over to check out our event. :) It was a bit rusty; it was the first time for us to organize such an event, with lots of roadbumps. But in the end, seeing the pictures (I wasn't able to watch the finishers as I was at the organizer's booth, panicking my brains out) of the runners made it all worth it for me.

Seeing your blog entry as well, makes me happy. I hope you attend our run next year. Hopefully we'll be more organized then, and hopefully I will see you after the race as well. Thank you!


Meggy (1/3 of the organizers of FPER2011)

daytripper1021 said...

I have to agree. The Forbes run reg fees are too expensive, tinalo pa ang RunRio! :D

Jinoe said...

Enjoy the runs habang wala pa si baby. I envy you. :D

Bro J said...

Nice one running fatboy! Getting ready for the big day? hehehe, not running but for the coming baby! Sabi nga ni jinoe, enjoy the runs kasi next time may push ka nang baby jogger. Sayang di tayo nagkita sa CCF Run to Build, nandun ka pala. See you Sunday!

Daves said...

see you on sunday! :)

Running Fatboy said...

@ Meggy: Congrats on your first race organization. I can see that people had a fantastic time in your race. Kudos!

@ Daytripper1021: Yes, that was why I did it bandit style (which I super rarely do).

@ Jinoe: Run or baby? Syempre Baby!!! Hehe... set na ba natin play dates? haha