Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goldilocks 21km - Struggle!

This may be one of my slowest 21km time ever but that’s expected for a guy who got (a lot) fatter, lacked training and ran with my Kryptonite (Summer Heat)! The heat I can’t do anything about but for the weight gain and lack of training, well, there really is nobody to blame but myself.

Still, I joined this race for the finisher medal that I could add to my collection. After all, with no cut off time imposed here, I could basically walk the entire route and they (marshals/ organizers) still have to wait for me to finish my race. That’s the advantage here. You can join a half marathon with little or no training as long as there is no time pressure for you. But you should still know your boundaries. That is to say, don’t force yourself to run all the way if your breathing and legs are telling you that they can’t handle the speed or endurance you set for them. Walk, drink water, jog, walk some more. And that’s exactly what I did starting from 7km all the way to 21km mark (which explains the 8min km pace). The disadvantage of lack of training is of course getting tired quite early in the race and taking a long time (with the scorching sun) to finish it.

But finish it I did and got the nice finisher medal plus a bonus: a really nice finisher shirt that fits me perfectly!

My results are as follows:

Bib No. 2462

Finished 2:48:48

Overall: 1,320th out of 1,638 Runners
Male: 1,154th out of 1,382 Runners
M30-39 (Age Category): 432nd out of 518 Runners

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