Monday, May 23, 2011

June 5th: Great (and Challenging) Races!

Why did they have to put these races on the same date? Grrr !! All look interesting and here’s why:


To promote their new running shoes, Reebok will have their run at BGC (also known as Fort Bonifacio). With a 15km event, this run is different from the regular ones in that one has to run up 5 flights of a building around mid-way in the course. Hence, the Zigtech (Vertical and Horizontal) Run!

This is similar to the Men’s Health Urbanathon 2009 to which Per and I participated in and similar to last year’s Vertical Run by Sketchers too. Quite a unique experience!


A race by, this one is held at Mall of Asia Complex and has 21km race event as its longest race category. Aside with all the perks of a Runrio Race (lots and lots of cold water and sports drinks, km signs, quick results, etc.), a bonus for 21km finishers would be the unique finisher medal (to which I love) and finisher shirt.

But it is still 21kms on a hot summer day! Luckily, the organizers made start time quite early so hopefully you will be nearing the finish line before you get tired from the heat!


And speaking of Men’s Health, they have their own race at Nuvali Sta Rosa Laguna for a trail run (up to 16km), a bike race (up to 40km) or a combination of both (10km run + 20km bike).

I still haven’t tried running on Nuvali and that’s something on my wish list that remains unchecked.

Again, all these races present challenges in their own way (climb up a building, run a half marathon, do trail running) and I am sure, whichever you do, you will have a fantastic time!

Question is: which one to pick?

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