Monday, April 16, 2012

Running Two Races In One Weekend

I have done a few back to back races but for 2012, this was my first (and even in 2011, I did it twice only).

The reasons behind NOT joining back to back races are the following:

1) It becomes EXPENSIVE. Joining one race can already do some damage to your wallet with some race fees exceeding the P1,000 mark (US$25). That's still considered cheap versus joining races in the USA, Europe or Australia but we aren't living in these countries! We aren't earning the same amount of money as they are so yes, it can be considered cheap vs other countries but I don't consider that cheap for the Philippines given our income levels. So two races = double the cost.

2) Waking up early TWICE! So no late night movies, dinners or bar hopping (coffee drinking for people my age). You have to wake up early twice, set up the alarm clock twice and leave your house when the sun isn't up yet TWICE! In short, where did the weekend go? And whatever happened to my 7-hour daily sleep requirement?

3) TIRED! Doing one race is fun because afterwards you can relax, get a beer or two from the fridge and watch a TV series all day and all night long. You can eat your bag of chips. You can try some exotic food. Most importantly, you can rest knowing you've done your exercise. Having a back to back race means you have to get ready again for the following day, watch what you eat or drink and try to sleep early. You hope that your body (but especially your legs) have enough energy for you to finish another race. Come Monday morning, instead of coming to work rejuvenated, you are tired with muscle pains and tired from running and the lack of sleep and you ask yourself WHY DID I DO THIS???

Well for last weekend, it was for these reasons:

1) See my running capabilities against a horde of zombies! Can you avoid their deathly clutches, their drooling mouths, their crawling bodies and come out "alive"?

Yes, these zombies climb trees and jump in front of you!!!

All these things and I had to "protect" Per too, although I got to admit at certain points, I left her to try to fend for herself against these zombie attacks. Sorry about that hon! Haha! But we did finish the race together with "lives" to spare.

2) Run in Nuvali. I have always wanted to do a trail run in Nuvali but for one reason or another, my schedule conflicted with a run held here. Finally, after last weekend, I can say that I've tried the Nuvali trail run.

In this race, it was generally a flat course and there were some parts that had shaded areas.

3) Do a Trail Run. Finally, after two years of running on the road, I tried running on trail again and it was a different kind of (HARD) experience. You had to watch where you step and it was more tiring for the leg muscles too. Glad I was wearing trail shoes for this day.

Doing a trail run typically makes you 50% - 100% slower versus your normal road race time.

Reason is that there are more hills to run on and more stones and pebbles to avoid. Just happy that at least it didn't rain that day.

Additional note: Doing a trail run with zombies makes you 120 -150% slower versus your normal road race time.

Reason is that there are zombies to avoid!

4) Do some obstacle course. Yes, this is like the difficult Men's Health Urbanathon but it's on the trail road and there are zombies chasing you! Piece of cake!

5) Do a Half Marathon again. It has been a while since I did this and I was curious on how I performed. Well, from Saturday's run which lead me to fall down TWICE and sustain some cuts and bruises on my knees and having muscle soreness, it was hard for me in this race. I did a few walk breaks and it wasn't until 10km till I finally felt my legs loosened up. But at just P350, it was too good a deal to pass up!

Finisher Certificate for Earth Run 2012.

Not happy with my time/ performance but as Alvin texted me, "the important thing is YOU SURVIVED." And he was right!

My back to back race mementos: One "life" left from Outbreak Manila and Finisher medal from Earth Run 21km

Thanks to OUTBREAK MANILA and EARTH RUN Organizers for each doing a great race!

For those runners who joined OUTBREAK MANILA, pictures can be found in Total Fitness and Pinoy Fitness Facebook pages.

For those runners who joined EARTH RUN, pictures and official results can be found in Pinoy Fitness Facebook page and at

For those runners who joined both races and survived them, let yourselves be known so I won't think I'm the only crazy one here!

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