Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pet Express Doggie Run - March 23, 2013 (Review)

Pet Express has an annual Doggie Run (one and only kind in the Philippines?) that allows owners to run with their dogs for a distance of 1.5km, 3km or even 5km.  At the end of said run, runners will get finisher medals for their dogs and huge loot bags filled with all sorts of doggie goodies.  Yes, for this run, the dogs are the kings and queens!

We didn't have a dog at home (stuffed toy doesn't count) but this was an interesting race to join and since the dog has its own miniature version of race bib, I figured it would be a good race for a baby in tow too.

So yes, this was Dani's first 5km even though 1) she isn't a dog but DID sport a very nice and chic puppy shirt and 2) she was seated in the stroller the entire time.

It was up to mom and dad to ensure that she would get to the finish  line in one piece.  Good thing Dani loves dogs so that should keep her interested during the duration of the race (I HOPE)!

Come Saturday morning, we got to the race venue (outside Pet Express store in Mall of Asia) at around 5:30AM, which was the gun time for the 5km runners!  Luckily the organizers moved the starting time to 5:45AM!

Dani looking calm in her puppy shirt and her "baby" race bib!

Checking out the competition!

The three-wheeled baby stroller that we have was really made for running but this was the first time we used it in a race and it was here also that we ran the farthest distance while pushing said stroller.... and that was no easy feat!  I was a little out of breath and at times, I had to tell Per that we have to walk a bit.  There were also moments when Per would get the stroller from me and push Dani herself.  TEAM EFFORT everyone!

Of course, we ran with our digital camera (to capture the milestone baby moments)!  As seen in this photo, there were ample signs to guide the runners.  Route was pretty much straightforward with one U-Turn at 2.2km mark and another one at around 4km.

Finally!  The 5km U TURN!  I was exhausted...

.... and sweaty!  (Behind me was one of the water stations in this race.)

Apparently, I wasn't the only one tired!  Dani fell asleep at 4km mark (she did try her best to keep her eyes open!)

Look at the humongous loot bags!!!  It's almost as big as Dani herself!

Well done Dani for being in your best behavior (or maybe you were just super sleepy?)!  You deserved a medal!

And if you think we were taking our time in this race, I got four words for you:

2013 5KM PR BABY !!!

TEAMWORK achieved!  Nicely done family!

Thanks again to Janine and to Pet Express for the complimentary race kits!  It was a well organized and fun race!  Congratulations!


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janine said...

Hooray for the Q family! :) Congratulations to Dani for her first run/PR. Glad to know you guys had loads of fun!