Monday, April 22, 2013

Race Report: Run Against Cancer - A Fast 10km Race!

Run Against Cancer was an important run in that it helped build some awareness on the fight against cancer.  This race was for a good cause and I was glad to be a part of it and witness all these cancer survivors run and finish their respective 3km, 5km or 10km race.

In terms of the race itself, it was very organized in that it started on time, had ample hydration areas (lots of water and Pocari Sweat drinks) and distance was exactly 10 kilometers.

I loved the race route too as it went around BGC area and involved some uphill climbs and downhill descents as well.  It was a fast race for me and everything worked perfectly for me (which was rare).  Much as I hate doing it, the 10km runs Alvin made me do paid off for me in this race.  I took one water break in this race as hydration stations were a bit congested and I wasn't that thirsty.  With an early gun start of 5am, we didn't have to face the summer heat too.

My finish time was at 1:01:30, which was more than a minute faster from my previous 10km race and my average pace was at 6:08 (10 seconds faster from Rebisco run).

This was my fastest 10km for 2013!  Praise God!

I felt so happy that I ran for another 6km around BGC area for a total distance of 16km.

Congrats to the race organizers for a good race.  This race may be over but the race against cancer is still ongoing.  Let's continue fighting it!

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Thirdy Lopez said...

Congrats on your fast 10k!