Sunday, March 16, 2014

2:30 21km time!

So, this was how a 2:30 21km race feels like: back is sore, legs are sore, shortness of breath and wanting to quit.  It has been a long time (too long) since I hit a 2:30 half marathon time that I have forgotten what it felt like.  1 and a half years to be exact!  So I beat my half marathon times for this year AND for 2013.  God is Good!!

The race was Leg 1 of Run United Trilogy.  Should a runner complete all the legs in the long distance categories (minimum of a Half Marathon distance), he will be entitled to a special reward via Runrio Awarding Ceremony, to be held at the latter part of the year.  

I have never completed the Trilogy as I usually miss out on the first leg of the race.  I hope that this year will be different for me.

Route is typical for Runrio races: starting and ending at Mall of Asia Grounds and going through Roxas Blvd., before heading back to the finish line.  There were water stations every 2km, and upon completion of the Half Marathon, the runner received a finisher medal, a bottle of Gatorade, bottled water and finisher shirt.

Having the race start at 4:00AM is also good as most runners will end by 7:00AM, which is good to avoid the sun (especially since race course offers little shade).

I am happy with my time and happy too on how I achieved it- by doing a sub-7 average pace for the last 5km.

Thank You Lord!!


Anonymous said...

RUNNING FATBOY? Tamang-tama para mawal yung Mr. Belly mo!!!


Anonymous said...

Oops! My bad!

Wrong BLOG!

Kindly delete and sorry for that!

R. Mysterio said...

buti ka pa nakatakbo ng 21k..
Ako naubusan...

pa blogroll po thanks