Thursday, July 24, 2014

Race Review: Energen 10km Race

I haven't raced in any 10km race for some time now so this was a perfect race to test my speed (if there are still any).

I didn't have a second thought when I registered for this race due to the affordable fee of Php 400!  It's hard to find 10km races these days that are below Php 500!  Once I made sure that our schedule is clear, I registered for myself and for Per.

I also registered for Kerwin and Alvin.  This will be the second 10km race wherein all four of us will be participating again but difference from the first race (Robinson's Buddy Run) is that this will be an individual race.

We didn't make it in time for the gun start of 5:30AM and felt pressured to try to catch up with 10km runners.  I had to make a U turn back to Per and tell her not to go out fast.  Eventually, we will catch up with them (which we all did!).

The route took us to Kalayaan Bridge and along Buendia Avenue for the U turn back.  Pretty simple route, which I like.  There were water stations nearly every kilometers and lots of volunteer photographers.

Per happy at conquering 5km!
 Unfortunately for me, I did not apply to myself my sound advice to Per to not to go out fast.  Upon reaching 6km, I felt tired and exhausted already and there looming ahead of me was the steep Kalayaan Bridge.  Yes, I walked the entire incline part and ran again once it flattened a bit.

I counted down the distance, hoping that one of the water stations offered something else other than just water.  But that was not to be.  I blamed no one but myself.  I was hungry too and did my best to finish the race as quickly as possible so I can sit down and rest.

defeatist look? hehe

 Once I saw the finish line, I kept running towards it.  Luckily, road went downhill and gravity helped me keep going forward.

I finished the race at 1:06++.  Not one of my best time but still good enough for me.

Alvin was already waiting for me.  A few minutes later, Kerwin crossed finish line, then Per.

All in all, everyone was happy.  Probably me the most because it was time for breakfast!

dessert after breakfast! haha

 PRAISE GOD for keeping us safe during the race!

Thank You Lord!

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