Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Burned out?

After doing Subaru Marathon, I felt defeated.  I was glad to have finished the race but it was below what I expected to do.

Since then, I haven't quite recovered yet. 

Legs still feel tired.  I get lazy in runs and finish them but end up walking a significant portion of them.  The excitement has all but disappeared too.

Both mind and body were defeated in Subaru.  So how do I get up from the bottom and run again?

How do I finish another Marathon, that isn't a few months away, but just in a matter of days?

How do I push myself to keep going till the end?

My goal of 5:40 has gone out the window.  Now, it is most likely past the 6 hours.  I hope it doesn't become worse than Subaru Marathon but there is a chance that it might be.

Will see how it goes.  Wish me luck!


Rico Villanueva said...

Dennis, I consider you as sort of batchmate in running and blogging. Always good to see or run onto you during races. Rest, but keep running, ok? See you in future road runs, and if you want to try multi-sport, let me know.

runmanila said...

Hope you keep running bro and posting. I always like the sense of humor and humility you bring to running. You're writing style is interesting and enjoyable.

All of us know how difficult it is to be consistent. We read your blog avidly to get confirmation. I'm sure lots of people follow your post and are disappointed when you have not posted anything. I know I am. We readers crave all kinds of running news - local and imported. You get to travel a lot and we live vicariously thru you.

Hope you can take the blog to the next level for 2016. So much to comment on with local running scene.

Keep it up bro. Lots of fans out there.


Running Fatboy said...

thanks Rico and Runmanila for your kind words.