Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 First Quarter Races

There are a lot of races I signed up for first Quarter 2018.

First of course would be the PSE BULL RUN 2018.  This will be held this Sunday at BGC, which is a place that seldom have race events so when they do have one, I try to grab the chance and join it.  I have been running PSE Bull Run for some years now and enjoyed it as first race of the year.  Route is usually the same as it goes up Kalayaan Bridge and heads out to Bayani Road and Lawton Avenue.  Obviously not a flat race but gives indication on ones fitness levels especially on the hills.

They would also have a 25km Race category but because of the bigger price difference for it vs the half marathon, it just doesn't justify me joining it so it is back to the 21km race for me.  This should be a well managed race as organizer is RunRio Inc.

My Second race for the year would be one of the hardest for this year as it is a full marathon.  Held in Hong Kong (on January 21st) as will be there at the same time event is to be held.  I wasn't lucky enough to get in via the lottery process but with Alvin's help (and his aunt), I got in via the charity category.  I shall be running the full marathon after just doing it in 2017.  Quite excited for it because the weather and the view had always been nice here.  Only difference now for me is that I will be staying near the Finish Line instead of the Starting Line so that's something I had to prepare for early in the morning.

Hopefully weather will be as nice as the one we had in 2017 for it.

Then there is the 7-11 Race (Feb 04, 2018):

Another hilly race!  This time on the SKYWAY!  I also did this in 2017 as the last race before HK Marathon.  With the moving of the HK Marathon to an earlier date for 2018, this race becomes the race AFTER HK marathon and my third race for the year. 

As legs should still be tired from running (and hopefully finishing) HK Marathon, this will be more of a relaxed and enjoy the scenery kind of race.  But as it is two weeks after HK Marathon, maybe legs will be strong by that time as well.  Let's see!

Fourth race registered is the New Balance Power Run 25km on Feb 11th. 

This one I just registered for yesterday at New Balance Glorietta.  The shirt is really nice and reminded me of the shirts in one of the earlier editions of Nike Run Manila.  Unfortunately, it won't be an easy race again and will once again be hilly as venue will be held at McKinley West, Taguig.

No information yet on the route of this race but thinking it goes to BGC and Bayani Avenue.

In between all these hard (as all hilly and at least 21km distanced ones) is this LITTLE (Pony) one:

This was postponed last year as it rained the night before and it became dangerous to push through as mostly kids joining it.  I shall be doing this with my two daughters for a distance of 1km.  It should be a fun race for them!

So a total of five races for just the first two months of 2018 and all at different venues (BGC, Hong Kong, Alabang Skyway, McKinley West, Mall of Asia).  Hopefully I can join more races this year and be injury free.

Thank YOU LORD for all these opportunities.

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