Wednesday, July 15, 2009

REACH Run (July 11, 2009) - Post Race

"X" marks the spot! It also means "Did Not Finished" My first ever DNF for a road race but it was expected.

First 100 participants get a REACH Shirt.

Runners Vs Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Who would win???

Round 1: Gigay munching on her doughnut! De-li-cious!! Winner: Runner!

Round 2 -4: It's a tough battle but it looks like the runners are in the lead ! Winners: Runners!

Round 5-7. Runners are full and there are still doughnuts !!! Looks like doughnuts win these three rounds!

Overall: It was a close fight but winners go to the Runners with a 4- 3 victory! Yay!

Till the next fight! Runners are eat -training now as we speak. Munch Munch!!!

And now, to our race report . . .

This was a Saturday race held in Fort Bonifacio. Participants needed to register on the venue before 7AM. Once they are ready, they will run 2.5km distance, eat 4 doughnuts and run or walk the remaining 2.5km distance.

This race was done for charity and there were only a handful of people when Gigay and I got there. It was easy to register and pay for said event, where we got a tee shirt and race bib for the P300. Race started a little after 7AM and almost immediately, everyone was running fast knowing that it was a short race.

I was going out too fast as breathing heavily so had to slow down my pace to 5 min/km. Around 11 minutes I made it back to the Starting line where the marshals gave me a box of Krispy Kreme filled with 4 original glazed doughnuts and a bottle of Rush to wash it all down. The elite runners were wolfing down the deadly bread while I was just eating mine slowly. I waited for my other friends to come here and when ready, we all left at the same time. I got an "x" mark from the marshal for not finishing the doughnuts but that was okay. At least, I get to keep the remaining uneaten doughnuts.

I paced with Kervin, who came back after one year of hiatus from running. I'm thinking it's the doughnuts that made him join the race. He said it was because it was held on a Saturday that he was game for it. Hmmmm....

Nice shot by Janine!

We all finished the race (but nobody finished their challenge so everyone was a DNF). At least we all had something to bring home. Starbucks for breakfast after and we all thought running on a Saturday was better than doing it on a Sunday because of the added rest day afterwards.

Unfortunately, the total distance for that morning race was just at 4.2km. Feeling guilty from the food and short run, I went to Ultra to do another 10km jog before I was satisfied with the day's exercise.


I finally finished my final doughnut at 5AM July 12,2009 when I had it for breakfast to prepare myself for the 10km buddy run. YUM! But had enough of doughnuts to last me... a month! So will impose a ban on this food for one whole month! :)

Kervin also made a valid point on doing a run on Saturday instead of Sunday so I might move my long runs to a Saturday instead. I would start doing this on the weekend after the Globe 21km race as that would be my final road race for a while and I will just focus on doing long runs at an easy pace to prepare for my 2nd Full Marathon in November.

Big thanks to Janine+ for all the photos here!


Jinides said...

a FUN run in the truest sense of the word =) no pressure at all (except to finish all the donuts hehe)

run unlimited said...

So where's the excess, do you have some left for us? Seriously, the runners here emerged as the winners. You really had fun out there, see you again.

thesolemates said...

Hi Running Fatboy,

First time visiting your blog via Your blog name caught my attention for i was a running fatgirl when I started running. hehehe

Had fun reading your REACH Run post. Hubby and I thought about joining that, too, but didn't pursue it. I was afraid I'll finish the whole box and ask for more! hahaha

See you at the races! :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi jinides, yes, it's alway awesome to join a fun run for the good time involved.

hi run unlimited, so sorry, its all in my tummy na. hahaha

hi thesolemates, thanks for visiting. see you in the races!

22loy said...

Probably your funniest post that I've read!

I've had muscle pains in my legs since Monday, doing almost no walking! I always park near where I'm going, and always use the elevator!

Kaya ko siguro yung doughnuts, with zero exercise. Haha!

Had a bowl of spicy Santi's sausages, scrambled egg with cheese and onion, two slices of Sans rival, 1 Silvanna and two cups of coffee for breakfast!

Baka it's my weight that giving me muscle pain!