Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reasons People will do the Kenny Run

1. To Experience A Night Run! No more waking up at 3AM. No more going to bed at 10PM the night before. Now, you can run on a race that would start at 8:00PM, 8:45PM or 9:00PM (depending on your race category) and have a post run celebration afterwards (via the live band) without worrying that you might be late for Sunday Mass.

2. You Belong To the Takbo.PH peeps. You are there whenever they do the group pictures with the Takbo.ph banner. You are there to comment at the forum. You are there as a member, as a moderator or both. So it would be natural that you will be here tonight as well to support your group and be part of this race.

3. You want to run and do it for a good cause. Part of this race will be used to benefit Hands on Manila and 57:75 movement.

4. Eye candy. Girls will flock to see a certain M. Nelson (and not Nelson M.!) . Guys will flock to see girls flocking over to see M. Nelson. See the chain reaction? Also, motivation for guys to beat either or both Marc and Rovilson and brag it to their bro-mates "Dude, you know those Amazing Race power guys? Not so poweful after all!"

5. To try the Chip Timer. This is for people who missed out on the Run For Home race for whatever reasons.

6. To get a PR. Can't blame the sun this time (there's none)! Plus, a motivating factor would be how your race fare up against other runners in your category. (Will you make it to the top 50%?).

7. For the cool stuffs! Aside from the chip timer that you can keep, there are also glow in the dark wristbands, Kenny Singlets, and also the very curious illuminated bib numbers. Not to mention the Chicken meal at Kenny Rogers that you've already paid for.

As for the main reason why RFB is doing this race? Mainly, it is because of one single thing and that is summarized in the following photo:

Thanks to Janine+ for the creative picture!

More info on race is found at http://kennys.com.ph/kour_how.php
See you on race day!


Anonymous said...

nice logo from janine :)

22loy said...

Haha! Chain reaction! I cried when Rovilson and Marc lost in the finals.