Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun Run Weekend (July 11 -12, 2009)

It is going to be a Fun Run weekend for me this coming Saturday- Sunday. This weekend is sandwiched between two other Sundays wherein I would each do a Half Marathon so this is something I am looking forward to.
No pressure on the finish time. No freaking out on the long distance or on the cut off time. Just good plain old fun.

RACE # 1


For registration fee of Php 300, you will have to do the following:

1. Run 2.5km from the Starting line to the REACH CHALLENGE ZONE

2. Eat 4 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts

3. Run 2.5km from the REACH CHALLENGE ZONE to the finish line.

Limited to 300 runners only. This event starts at 7:00AM on July 11th at Fort Bonifacio. Registration will be done on-site only.

Doughnuts and running??? A contradiction definitely. But USA have their own Krispy Kreme event so it is nice that they have this in the Philippines too. And for those who don't think they can finish all 4 doughnuts, no need to worry, you don't have to. Not unless you are looking to get 1st or 2nd placer in this run.

This shall serve as my breakfast for that day.

Goal for this race: To have a good time. How's that for a goal! Hahaha!

RACE # 2


Per and I have done some couple races in the past months. This usually happens if I want her to run a longer distance and she has some doubts on whether she can do it. I would then promise to run with her side by side so I can be there if she needs anything. We did this at RUNew 15km and again at Market Market 16km.

But for a 10km? Haven't really done this for a while now. It's because Per is quite comfortable with that race so no need for me to be there. But with this Buddy race, it's back to a couple race for us.

Per will be my buddy and we will have the same bib number. How awesome is this! We also need to wear the official Singlets on race day. Good thing it fits me!

Race will start at 6:00AM at the back of NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio. Fee is Php 750 for two runners (2 singlets and 2 bib numbers).

Goal: Get New Couple 10k PR. Our last was at Milo's Finals last December '08 at time of 1:16:21.

See you at the road race!


run unlimited said...

Another back to back race for you, sarap naman. Pakikain mo na lang ako, hahaha. Regards to you and Perperoven.

janine+ said...

Donut Run: Ooh, it's so fun to gain calories as you lose them! hehe. This is the fun but guilty run.

Buddy Run: It looks like I'll be sitting this one out. We weren't able to reg on time. And jinides and her buddy wasn't able to get race kits too. The kits ran out fast.

But I'll still go if I wake up on time. hehe.

run unlimited said...

Donut run nga pala 'yun, so I won't.

Janine, there's a scheduled run at UPD this sunday, you could still reg at the site, just be sure to come early. How about 18km?

Running Fatboy said...

hi Venver, haha! Do or Donut Run nga ba?

hi Janine, go for the 18km as well to burn off the calories.

janine+ said...

Hi Vener and Dennis! 18k sounds good, but I've decided to do my own version of a buddy run with my dogs that day na. hehe.

Jeanne said...

no recap about the REACH/Krispy Kreme run? don't forget to mention that i finished first (in our group) wahaha!