Thursday, November 5, 2009

San Francisco Day 01

Since our first USA race will be done in San Francisco, I figured that it is only fitting to use the most popular bridge of the city as the first photo in this entry. It is also the main highlight of the 21km course and also to commemorate Wayne's blog:, which features a different photo of the Golden Gate bridge.

Thankfully, our plane flight from Manila went off without a hitch. We were fearful that it will be delayed or worse, cancelled due to the prediction of the arriving storm. One big surprise was finding out that Nike Run clinic coach and race organizer Rio was with us on the same flight to San Francisco. We all arrived in the USA on Friday night and went off to our individual hotels.

Come the next morning, we met up again at Fisherman's Wharf to pick up our race kit at Sports Basement in Presidio. Per and I will do our 2nd 21km together and looking to break a couple PR, which we set in Globe's Half Marathon. Wayne has also registered for the 21km race a couple of days ago and Wilbert will be flying in from Seattle to meet us here (and also to do a half marathon as part of his long run training).

At the expo (which was really a sport outlet store), we eagerly went to the race kit pick up area where Per and I got our personalized bibs. This will be our first 21km as a married couple and looking to frame our bibs (along with the finisher medals) when we head back home in a few weeks. Aside from the bibs, we each got a chip timer, a dri-fit souvenir shirt and a goodie bag (filled with a water bottle, a towel, a shirt, snacks, etc.)

They were also selling souvenir (and organic) jackets, shirts, and caps at the expo. To make our race even more memorable, I bought for myself a white quick dry cap with the San Francisco Half Marathon Race logo on it and I was given a pair of socks, which also had the Half Marathon Race logo on it. A great deal!

Wilbert, Wayne and Rio all ventured to the Rock and Roll Marathon booth. Wilbert had his first full marathon experience here just a couple of months ago. Is he looking to join this race again in the future and looking to get a new PR? Registrations are already open for 2010.

Collection of race bibs. No lines at all! Very quick and efficient!

They also have computer screens standing nearby in case you haven't registered for your race and want to do so. Credit card payment online. Hmmmm, a possible idea Runrio might do in the future ??

Zoltar: What is your Wish?
Per: DEFINITELY NOT to be BIG! Just a half marathon PR please!

Half marathon runners converge outside Sports Basement in Presidio. With our target to conquer at the background. GG Bridge, we shall see you again in a few hours!

Of course, we runners need to prepare for it so what better way to do so than to carbo load! Very special thanks to our gracious hosts Nelson for touring us and to Wayne for the yummy dinner!

As luck would have it, we had an extra hour of sleep as day light savings time was removed 2am Sunday so from a 7am Sunday race, it essentially was converted to an 8am race (but with a 7am time). Cool!

Day 02 on the next entry... RACE DAY!


daytripper1021 said...

now THIS is what a race expo should be like!

have a good run!!!

Anonymous said...

Per and Dennis, the expo last weekend was the best one in the event's history. Though it was a little out of the way for all of us, Sports Basement had the room for the organizers. Of course, having the store with marathon accessories helped.

Great post. All of us are looking forward to the next one. Take care my friend

ibetlacbay said...

shopping uli...hehe

22loy said...

Not to be big?

How much time do you get off from work?