Friday, February 26, 2010

Register, Register, Register !!!!

These are the races Per and I have signed up for:

Definitely want to do this again as quite happy when Per and I did it last year. Back then, it was our first 21km race together and although Per panicked at the start of the race, it still turned out great as she was all smiles at the last part of the race, and that for me was the most important thing! It didn't cause her any trauma (unlike her first 15km race) and allowed us to join some more 21km races together.

We joined this because:
1) Group discount making us pay about Php 500 instead of Php 700.
2) New route. We also enjoyed running on Ayala in last year's Globe Run
3) The new facebook feature. Still don't know how that works though..

4) Aiming for a new couple PR. Just have to think what our ultimate goal is... I enjoy running with Per and pushing her instead of pushing myself. Haha!

You may call it our bonding moments. She calls it my torture moments with her... until she crosses the finish line. Then she complains as to why I didn't push her harder! WHAT THE ???!!!

5) It's for charity!

We joined this race because:
1) It will be my first trail running for 2010! It will be Per's first trail running in the history of her... ummm... existence !
2) Early registration fee of just Php 350.
3) New experience as haven't done the Wawa Reservoir route! I expect to get wet!
4) Finisher medals if you meet the cut off time. Mild problem is that they still do not know what the cut-off time is to get the finisher medal!

We joined this race because:

1) 21km Finisher Medal. Yes, I admit that I was a singlet collector before but it became too much and gave most away (as filling up my closet space). I now chose the harder to attain finisher medal as a good remembrance of my past races!
2) Chip timer and Photovendo pictures
3) Awesome luggage tag included in the race kit
4) Re-usable Bag, sunblock lotions, multi-vitamins, Alaxan, etc. given as part of race kit

On a final note, I used to join every weekend race in Metro Manila. And had to push myself to run during the week to prepare myself for the 42kms.

Finally, after doing that routine since November 2009, I can finally relax and just run WHEN I feel like running and join races WHEN I feel like joining (and not do it as part of my long runs).

Therefore, I choose the races I join and the top criteria for me are
1) Giveaways - finisher medal will make me 90% sure to join it (I got 4 for 2010 alone)! Singlet isn't that important to me unless it is really nice like Adidas' King of the Road, Mizuno 2008 or the many Men's Health races
2) New Experiences - new route, new trails, etc.

And that's it! I can forego chip timer, celebrity runners, cheap registration fees, new PR goals, etc. and just hit the road on my own. At least doing so will not cost me a single centavo.

See you soon!


RunningAtom said...

hello Running Fatboy, wowww... we're both registered too in all those races, plus Mizuno run. Sana magkita-kita tayo. First 15k race ko ung Globe Run for home. and first adventure/trail race ko din ung Merrell :)

May alam ka bang pwedeng matutuluyan sa Montalban? :)

Running Fatboy said...

hi RunningAtom, hope to see you in at least one of the races we've joined up for. :)