Thursday, November 18, 2010

All about the (Finisher) Medals!

Finisher medals - you gotta love them. They are easy to store, easy to display and serves as a remembrance of the races you've conquered. They have all the details in that small circular thing - the date of the race, the name of the race, the race category, the venue (and sometimes the time), and the most important thing - the word "Finisher".

For me, this is more important than the race singlet. To note, a race singlet is something given out before the race begins to encourage the runners to wear that attire on race day and be the "uniform" of the day. Of course, it isn't required so you can always ditch it for one of your other running shirts. There were some races before that require you to wear the singlet or you will be disqualified! Good thing that was changed and they now only require the bib number to be worn at all times (to differentiate a "paid" runner to that of a "bandit" runner).

Much as I like the singlet, the sizes aren't usually right for me. It is usually too small, too tight or maybe the size is just right but the arm holes are too small. Also, some uneven sewing could lead to chafing too. So I usually stick to my old running attires rather than the ones given out on the registration areas. Wearing another shirt also makes it easier to spot yourself in the numerous photo albums uploaded in facebook, running websites, etc.

But a singlet is given to everyone who registered and paid for the race - whether they finished it, whether they ran the race or not, whether they cheated on the race, they have the singlet as it is easy to attain - just bring out your wallet and pay for it.

But a medal is only given out once you finish the race! It is harder to attain. If you quit midway, you will not get it. If you cheat, you will not get it (if this is strictly enforced). And of course, if you were not there to begin with, you will not get it! This is something you have to work hard for, especially if it is a long race like a half-marathon, a full-marathon or an ultra marathon. You have to train for it. In international road races, there is even a time limit so that if you did not reach the allotted time limit (even though you still finished the race), you will not get a finisher medal.

To combine both the finisher medal and the singlet, some races give out finisher shirts. This, for me, is just as important as the medal and I wear it too. This has the same requirements as the finisher medals and it is something you have to work hard for.

But personally, I still love the medals and is usually the main reason I join a road race. One thing I use these things for is to decorate our Christmas tree and since Per has her own collection of finisher medals, let's just say our Christmas decors keep growing each year! Now, that is what I call a runner's Christmas Tree!!!

I'm happy to say that I got 3 finisher medals to add to the Christmas tree in just one month's time (and looking to add a 4th finisher medal this Saturday at the RunRio Final Leg Trilogy). To note:

1) I conquered the Adidas King of the Road 21km and got a finisher medal!

2) I conquered the Men's Health 10km Urbanathon (doing all the obstacles!) and got the finisher medal.

3) I conquered the Anson's Rhythm and Run 10km Race last weekend and got a finisher medal.

Woo Hoo!!!

Hopefully, a lot more races will have this at the finish line :)

What we've collected so far... :) Onwards to the Christmas Tree!


Jinoe said...

Pang Christmas Tree nga! :D

Wayne (b2bwayne) said...

Dennis, good luck on Saturday. I'll be returning from Cebu and will be running the 32K on Sunday. Take care my friend.


janine said...

Christmas naaaa!!! =)

Rico Villanueva said...

Cool trimmings hehe

journeyingjames said...

dami dami ahhh! tama, xmas tree display!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Guys,

Thanks for visiting. Will post xmas tree photo soon. Still lazy to put it up but somebody... *cough wife cough* already bugging me about it.


Per said...

christmas tree! christmas tree! where is my christmas tree????!!!!!