Thursday, November 25, 2010

RunRio Trilogy 2010 - Mission Accomplished!

Trust RunRio Inc. to make one of the best road races in the Philippines and the 3rd leg of RunRio Trilogy did not disappoint. In fact, it even exceeded our expectations!

Some of the things we've already expected from RunRio races:

1) Sufficient hydrations! Sports drinks and water aplenty. Long tables of these cold drinks make it easy for anyone to satisfy their thirsts. Sadly, some races still fail to meet this criteria (Adidas KOTR come to mind for the 21km runners!)

2) Races start on time

3) Enough Marshals to guide us and protect us from angry car drivers!

4) Photographers scattered all over the route

5) Accurate race distance! There are still some races that also fail in this criteria. Recently concluded Pink Run last October was one of them.

6) Finisher medals for the 21km and up categories! Yehey!

But here are some new things added in the last leg of the race:

1) Awesome screen countdown that they had at the beginning of the race. It made all of us excited when we saw the final 10 seconds flash and "explode" on the big TV screen!

2) Rio's running avatar as it goes over the route that we have to tackle. That way, we become familiar with the route and do not get lost running it.

3) Big activity center at the finish line! There's a massage area, body analysis, lots of photo booths, finisher loot bag areas (divided by race categories), food booths, sponsor booths and even this bungee ride in one of the areas.

4) The gigantic loot bag! Now, instead of a draw string bag, it is now a backpack filled with goodies including finisher shirt, box of chocolate powder, drinks, etc.

It felt like running an International Race in the 3rd leg. Too bad I wasn't able to do the 32km Afroman distance as still injured up to now. But running a race on a Saturday is really much better for this RUNNING FATBOY!

Keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to the Awards Night for the Trilogy (but no details yet on this) and RunRio Trilogy Year 2 in 2011!



journeyingjames said...

fan kayo ni runrio sir..medals from rio

Running Fatboy said...

hi James, yup fan ako! haha. love the medals!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dennis. Sorry we didn't get to meet up this time due to the four days in Cebu but your run was remarkable.

I'll see you again on my next visit....hopefully soon! Please take care. - Wayne

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne, Congratulations on your 32km run here. Hope to see you soon!