Friday, January 21, 2011

Am I Ready?

My first run for 2011 will be held this coming Sunday at BGC (the place formerly known as Fort Bonifacio).

In my confidence, I registered myself waaayyy back in November for the 15km category to avail of the early bird rate. Little did I know that I would stop running for a month from December 05 to January 05, do one super slow 8km run after that hibernation, and then nothing again for one entire week. SHEESH!!

With only a week to go before the big day, I had no choice but to hit the road once again.

Monday - super slow 8km run around BGC (doing multiple 1.2km loops around area)

Tuesday - no running

Wednesday - another super slow 6km (+ two 400 meters walk) around Ultra's Oval Track even while it was raining (yeah, us runners don't care about the freaking rain!).

Thursday - 5.5km run inside the village

I hate cramming! But that is all I can do for now less I burn myself out even before the race starts! Hopefully, it should be enough for this Sunday's 15km race. Fingers crossed!

So .....Am I ready? We will know soon enough!


Wayne (b2bwayne) said...

Good luck this Sunday. I'm taking it that BGC is Bonifacio Global City? Have a good weekend.

janine said...

Don't worry, I'm right behind you. Literally. haha. ;)

This should be fun. Just think of all the calories we'll lose! Yay!

Nat said...

Do the Jeff Galloway method and walk/run if you have to.

Running Atom said...

Hah! that's nice, I'm not alone, haha! I should be running this race also, but, due to plantar fasciitis, my buddy would just run my race and I'll just do some rounds in BGC area. Afraid to injure more my feet since Condura's just a few days away :}

Running Fatboy said...

hi Wayne, yes you are correct on that assumption.

hi Janine, you were behind, side and in front of me... hehehehe

hi Nats, Jeff is coming to Manila. Are you attending his talk?

hi Running Atom, hopefully your injury gets better. Nice to see you again!