Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Finisher Medals

It has only been 7 months and a lot of races are now offering finisher medals either for 1) finishers of the longest distanced category or 2) for all finishers regardless of categories.

Other countries are also giving out finisher medals. Above two are from Singapore's 10km and 12km races. Very nice souvenirs from our visit there!

And now, for the Philippine Finisher Medals:

The only race that goes through the Skyway! It was always a pleasure to join this event and for this year, they gave out medals for every finisher!

There are La Salle Finisher medals...

... and medals from other schools (yes, I am biased for the Green Archers!).

There are Glass Medals...
... and wooden medals!

And let's not forget the RunRio Finisher Medals! These are for legs 1-4 of RunRio's Manila Series

So which ones do you have? Which ones did I miss? And which ones are your favorites?

Still 5 months to go to add to the Finisher Medal List! Let's keep on Running!


vballrunner said...

favorite ko yung medals sa US. hahaha. Pero seriously, yung Milo Marathon ang favorite ko ngayon.

Running Fatboy said...

@ vballrunner: Inggit ako! haha