Thursday, July 21, 2011

Robinson's Buddy Run 2011 - Post Race

It was my second time to do Robinson’s Buddy Run and both times, they were exceptional races.

The first time I joined this event was way back in 2009 and then-girlfriend Per and I did the 10km event together. It was one of many of our races wherein we would start and finish together. Only difference here is that this is an actual requirement for this race. Hence the name Buddy Run!

For this year, I was supposed to go with Janine but at the last minute, she couldn’t join the event. In her place is her sister Jeanne. I’m all for it as this was the first time I would be running with a buddy since…. hmmm… I can’t even remember the last time I ran with a buddy!

And Jeanne was an awesome person to be with. It was only the two of us from the group who joined last January’s Animo Run in Clark. But it was our first time running together and we had different styles. For one thing, I would stop at every water station to replenish there while Jeanne would keep on running. I would run going uphill and use the descent to slow down by doing a slower jog or even walking. Jeanne would do the opposite. Jeanne was stronger at the start of the race while I was stronger at the end. But throughout all this, we still had a fantastic time and finished our first buddy run together.

This also marked the first time I used my NB Minimus in a road race. After doing a lot of 5km runs and using it for one 7.8km, I finally tested it out for a 10km race. It was definitely lighter and forced me to run mid strike or forefoot striking due to lack of cushioning on the heel. My knees were painful at the first part but quickly disappeared as the running progressed. There were no heel pains here. I had a satisfactory time using these shoes but will rest them for now from use in road races as don’t want to overexpose myself here and face the possibility of getting injured again. Besides, I don't think these shoes are ready yet for a Half Marathon event.

As for the loot bags, well Robinson Supermarket did not disappoint in this area! We stayed for a bit more and got a ton of other stuffs from the various sponsors’ booth here!

Race results are out already ( but rather than having them arranged by finish time, they were arranged by bib no.

TEAM BUKTU’s results as follows:

Gun Time: 1:16:07
Net Time: 1:14:18

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