Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Halloween - VFF Style !

My favorite holiday is just around the corner.

When other people favor Christmas songs, Santa Clauses, Eater Bunnies, or bow and arrow-armed Cupids, I favor Ghouls, Ghosts and Monsters!

The best part of this holiday is the creativity used in making one's Halloween costumes. Per and i have an extra challenge of making costumes that fit as a couple (we were Matador and Flamenco Dancer for 2009 and as seen above, the Flintstones). I knew there was another use for my VFFs aside from running! Hehe.

So it's time to get our creative juice running. It's time to think of another couple costume. We may even wear it in the upcoming ADOBO RUN AFTER DARK (as said race has a 3km Costume Category)!

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