Thursday, September 22, 2011

Run Rizal 16km - Sept 18, 2011

These were the only photos I spotted of myself via Facebook. Oh well, I guess it's (a LITTLE) better than nothing.

I haven’t been joining races for a month now and that’s saying a lot as I usually join on a weekly basis. But with the slow time I had in Run United 2 last August 21st, it was time to take things down a notch and focus on real “training” care of Ultramarathoner friend Alvin.

Being out of commission so to speak made me excited to join for a race again. Unlike my other road races wherein I always start my race late, this time around, I was there a few minutes before gun start and was able to do some warm up walk and stretching as well. How’s that for improvements?

The course for this 10-miler race starts from Luneta Park (where the Rizal Monument is located) and heads out to Buendia Avenue via Roxas Blvd. but instead of going up the flyover, we turned right and ran on Diosdado Macapagal Avenue for the U Turn near Coastal Mall and retraced our steps back to where the starting line was. I pretty much liked the route given that there were a few turns made, no flyovers to climb on, and gave me the motivation that I needed for the last few kilometers (kept imagining the finish line to be right in front of us).

There were ample water stations and a few Pocari Sweat drinks were given out along the route as well. At the start till the end of this race, I was having pains from all over my body. From the calves and shins to just the calves and once that disappeared, pain went to my left knee and right shoulder. It was strange but I was able to deal with it and kept on going. Breathing was important for me (more so for the last 4 kilometers when I was exhausted and just wanted the race to be over) and wearing my barefoot shoes for this distance took more effort as well (no cushioned heel landing when I’m tired). At this stage, I was running for a few seconds at a time with my eyes closed (and missing my comfortable bed)! But I kept going (hard to stop especially with the hard stares I’m getting from Alvin) and even skipped the last few water stations to try and finish this race as quickly as possible.

And finish it I did at a pace wherein I was out of breathe, dizzy and about to vomit (but didn’t) and at a good time too. I was able to beat my 15km PR for 2011 with a 26 second faster pace (6:57). So this is what racing feels like!

After crossing the finish line, I received my 19th finisher medal for 2011 and a loot basket composed of vitamins and supplements samples. The loot basket was taken by my wife but the unique Rizal medal will be mine to cherish!

Thanks to Alvin for pushing me for the near 2-hours time on the road. Now it's time to vomit!

Finish time here (according to my Garmin): 1:50:57

A very unique medal! Won't happen again in any of our lifetime!

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