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2012 New Balance Power Run (Review)

2012 NB Power Run Edition
The New Balance Power Run 2012 was recently held in BGC.  It has moved here from its original location at Clark, where I ran the 25km distance back in 2008.  In 2008, that was my farthest distanced race after doing some half marathons and it was an unforgettable experience for me.  Per joined the 10km race that same morning while some friends joined the 5km race held the day before.  It was also the first race where I received a finisher medal from completing it.  Now, most races have finisher medals to go with their higher registration fees!

The second time I joined the New Balance Power Run was just last year and it has moved to its new location in BGC (probably to attract more people).  I lacked the proper preparations when I joined that race but by God's grace, I was able to complete it and add more miles after the race (as a long run needed for HK marathon training).

The third time I joined the New Balance Power Run 25km category wasn't by myself anymore.  This time I had my wife with me and just like my race back in 2008, this would serve as her longest distanced race.  I had given my promise that I would run with her all the way.  Good luck to the two of us!

11.11.12:  RACE DAY

We woke up early that morning but for some reason, left the house at 4:20AM, which was the gun start time for the 25km race!  Sigh!

So we quickly drove to BGC area, found a parking spot near Fitness First area and we jogged to the starting line where there were a few latecomers like ourselves.  No more time for stretching or bathroom breaks as didn't want to delay it anymore (we were already 12 -14 minutes late when we crossed the starting line).

Immediately Per ran off FAST in the hopes of catching the other runners.  Good thing I was there to make her slow down to our normal pace and maintain said pace.  The last thing I want to happen is for her to get burned out so early in this race and get traumatized by its distance.  I comforted her by saying that at least she wasn't running alone as I was there by her and we would have the water stations all by ourselves!  And there was a chance we would catch up with the other runners given that it's a long distance race.  Just follow our strategy and finish this race as strongly as possible.

So we moved from one kilometer to another and we were the only runners in sight.  We would see other 25km runners but they were on the opposite side of the road and heading back to where we came from.  Still, we kept going on our normal pace.  I had tightness in my legs and had to walk a few times to loosen it while Per kept on running.  I was supposed to be the one pulling Per but she ended up pulling me!  Hahaha!  I would also stop at water stations to drink but she kept on running!  What's going on here?  Hahaha!

At one point, I had to stop to take a toilet break and not the easy kind!  I told Per to keep on going and not wait for me (which she offered to do).  I didn't want to slow her down especially since she was doing good already.  I promised I would catch up with her after doing the nasty!  Good thing we were still far from the other 25km runners so had the portalet all to myself.  The lock was broken though but I wasn't worried as there were no other runners there.  A big phew!  It was there that I was glad we started off so late!  Besides, this race had a chip timer so we would still get our chip race time after the race.

The big issue for me was trying to catch up with Per.  She was in much better shape than I was and had a 5-minute lead time from me.  There was nothing for me to do but to run fast in the hopes of catching up with her. It took me quite a long time to even see her (probably around 4-5km more of running solo) and she was on the opposite side of the road.  I was relieved to see her and I saw her relief as well and we waved to each other but I was pretty much far from her current position.  The important thing was that she didn't get lost and she looked strong!  Praise God!

I finally caught up with her before we reached the Kalayaan Flyover and started our ascent.  My legs had tightened again and had to walk going up while Per was running it.  So I had to chase after her again!  She was definitely pulling me but I was glad that she was strong that morning.

The route took us to Buendia Avenue all the way to the U-Turn right before the LRT Station.  I was able to run beside or behind Per during this part but after the U-Turn, I stopped to eat a banana.  Supergirl Per didn't need it and just kept on going.  Here we go again!

It became an interval run for me as I would run fast to catch up with Per, slow down or walk at one point, then run fast to her again.  Throughout this run, Per maintained a steady and strong pace.  This system went till we were back in BGC area and all the way till the 24km!

By that time, I figured it was time for me to go fast and try to pull Per in for the last kilometer!  It was the least I could do after she pulled me for 24kms!

And so I did and Per followed suit.  And we finished our 25km race with a big smile on our faces and high-fived each other!

Our chip finish time was at 3:31:40.  Unfortunately results were arranged by gun time.  If it was based on chip time, our rank would have been 200 persons higher.  But I was still glad we were late due to the toilet break and the important thing was that neither of us burned out in this race!

New Balance Power Run 2012 25km race - CONQUERED!


On Race itself:  distance was accurate at 25km, ample water and sports drink stations all throughout the race (with one having bananas too), kilometer markers, and nice finisher medals.  Race shirt was also nice!   Good job New Balance!

New Couple PR !

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