Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hating Long Runs

I hate doing long runs and it seems my wife is hating it too. Our solution to this is to join some weekend long races to add in the mileages.

Case in point: today, there was a 15km race around BGC area, aptly named as BGC Run! Unfortunately, our personalized training program by always helpful coach Alvin requires us to do 26km today.

Our strategy is simple: do 5km run early morning, drive to BGC and run the 15km race, and complete the required distance for the day by running 6km after the race. Unfortunately, not all plans turned out the way that you wanted.

In the early morning, we were only able to do 3.5km before we ran out of time and had to head to BGC for the race. We found a good parking spot and jogged to the starting line, which was another 400 meters and heard the gun start for the 15km race.

But that was okay as we were there already, making it there just in the nick of time. Alvin was there to wait for us but as we crossed the starting line, he sped at his fast pace.

Which brings me again to the topic at hand as to why I (or we) hate long runs. If there was no required mileage for us today, then the finish line would end our run and we can rest and have breakfast after. We could finally relax, change clothes and take warm showers. But no, that wasn't to be.

As people enjoyed the post race activities and waited for their numbers to be called in the raffle draw, we had to do a few more loops around BGC. As runners got their loot bags and took pictures of themselves at the finish line and as they slowly walked to Pancake House, Starbucks or even Jamba Juice to reward themselves for a job well done, we had to continue running under the hot, hot sun (feels like SUMMER) and go through the pains of PF, ITBS, tired legs and being thirsty just to make our bodies used to running this distance.

We did two loops around BGC and by second loop, the organizers were packing the race equipment (race was successful by the way) but we STILL had to keep on running. Pretty soon there were only a small percentage of runners left at the finish area and still we kept going. SIGH!

We really hate long runs and can't wait when training would end and we could just join a 5km and 10km race for fun sake and be finished with our exercise when we cross the finish line. Can't wait!!!

Result of long run: Per's ITB acted up again and we stopped at 24km, two kilometer short of the required mileage. But it was too hot and we were just too exhausted. Oh well, better luck next weekend where we will do another long run. BOO!


runmanila said...

Hi RFB. Cant you do the 11K before the BGC race at the BGC? One lap around high street is 1.2K. Recommend run/walk for the pre-race para hindi bugbog. Time on Feet naman objective ng LSD. This way you get to enjoy the post race activities like everybody else. Hindi pa mainit bro. My 2 cents worth. More power. I always read your blog.

Running Fatboy said...

hi runmanila
Thanks for your comment and advice. Unfortunately, it was pretty much early already when we started our run (at 4:15am). Any earlier and we would have a hard time too.