Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whatever Happened to.... (Philippine Races that Disappeared)!

Below are some of the races that I don't mind doing again (if or when they decide to bring them back):

Botak Paa-Bilisan Run

There was a lot of series for these Botak races (Paa-bilisan, Paa-tibayan) and they were also one of the few races that ventured into the Full Marathon Category (42.2km). Venues for these races ranged from U.P. to Fort Bonifacio (previous name of BGC).

Reach Run - 5km run with Donuts challenge

Donuts and a Road Race? Yes, they definitely contradict each other but man, was this fun!!!

The task was simple: Do one 2.5km loop around Fort Bonifacio, get a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and finish these 6 donuts on the spot before running again to complete the second 2.5km loop.

Well, it was safe to say that a lot of us were disqualified for not being able to finish said donuts but good news was that we get to bring them home! Another plus here was that it was for charity!

Sadly, this race did not go beyond one event! :(

Pringles Run 3-miler
Same cool (and unhealthy) concept: this time you get Pringles when you cross the finish line.

Too bad it suffered the same fate at REACH race and had a total of 1 race only.
Mizuno Infinity Run

The Mizuno Infinity Run!  This race had always been there and even in 2011, it had a 21km race category.  There was even one year wherein they had two Mizuno Races (to make up for the first disastrous race).

Too bad there was no race for 2012 and the "Infinity" became Finite.

Men's Health Miracle Run 10k
The Men's Health as an advocate to healthy living (duh!) had three different races during one year.  These are

1) Urbanathon Race, wherein runners do not just run but have to complete a series of challenges in order to be a finisher for said race.  Some obstacles involve climbing over pick up trucks, crawling under nets, balancing on a plank, and the grand finale: climbing over a 10-foot wall!

2) All Terrain Race.  As the name implies, this is a trail running event by Men's Health and sometimes offer bike categories too.

3) Miracle Race.  A race for a charity, which unfortunately did not last long (but at least I was able to join and complete two of these races).

Market Market Run 10-miler

A unique 10-miler race (probably second race to have it aside from the popular Yakult Run) that revolves running around Market Market area. This too disappeared after just one race.

Not really a replacement but similar in that both races were named after the area that the race was held in was the recently concluded BGC Run, that had a unique 15km category. Coincidence? Hmmmmm....

Kenny Rogers' Urbanite Run 15k

Cool concept as a night race and event matches the product they were selling. Too bad it did not go beyond one race!

Auto Review Run 10k
This race lasted for a few years with 10km as the longest distance. But even with that history, it became a part of history! :(

Stallion Run 21k

Unique starting/finish line inside Xavier School and new race route around San Juan area. This 21km became 24km for all of us! But there were a lot of drinks and bananas at the finish line! Finisher medal was unique too. Hope they revive this race again!

Yamaha Run 21k

A good race: ample hydration, nice medal and good route by but did not go beyond 1 year.

There were other races that were done because it was the anniversary of the company sponsoring it, so naturally it was just once event.  Some of these were:

Inquirer's 10th year Anniversary Run
Goldilocks Anniversary Run

Then there were races that were held in other venues that disappeared too. Three years ago, there were a lot of races in UP and the route there was pretty standard. I was also able to join a race in Marikina too but now, most of the races are held in three main locations: MOA or Roxas Blvd area, Mckinley Hills, and BGC.  Even New Balance moved from its old location of Clark to BGC!

This just shows that not all races were successful, but for me, at least when I joined them, they were successful as they were good in organizing the races and giving me a memorable experience from them.

Did I leave any races out that you want to be revived from the grave?


backstreet boys said...

Animo Run - screwed up by RED CROSS million volunteer run

Run with the masters - planned a comeback but was too expensive

GOOD Run, Run with doctors - medical runs

St Jude's Run for fun, Race for place -great run but so many cheated at the U Turns. Elementary kids were given medals despite not being top finishers because their MOMs took them from volunteers.

Independence day pilipinas half marathon

Anonymous said...

I wish wish magcomeback ang REACH! I had soooo much fun dun! Intentionally DNFed to enjoy my donut haha. - bards

Eaglerun Cervini said...

Very nice article. Trip down memory lane. I am familiar with all the races you included in this post. I even joined the Marikina run you mentioned. That started at the stadium and weaved in and out of marikina then by the river going home. Thanks for posting!

NOEL said...

I was in most of the running events you mentioned. How unfortunate that most of them are now defunct. As the saying goes some good things never last.

MarkAnthony said...

Miles for Smiles (for 2 consecutive years) - longest distance was 16km. enjoyed both run but the last event has fewer participants and may be one of the causes it discontinued.

Rock and Run(an Independence day fun run)- also a night run. The plan was there are stations where rock bands are playing but was cancelled on the last minute because of the very heavy rain. Very enjoyable run because of the rain. Many people did not enjoy because of the rain itself but most of them enjoyed MILO run (2010) having the same outpour.

St. Peter life Run(2 years) - meron pa ba nito? I think this is also discontinued as there is no 2012 event of this. Registration fee is very affordable (250 ata) with many giveaways in the loot bag.

Hyundai Run - ito ang malupit... ganda tumakbo dito ng 10k kasi walang alay lakad. The best part of it is it is free. Bad trip lang nung baggage claiming.