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High and Lows of Running in 2013 (as of August 1)

I thought 2012 was the best year for me as it was in 2012 that I did five full marathons: two I trained hard for and three "impulse" ones because I wanted the medals, or I needed a long run!  Out of these five marathons, two were overseas (Hong Kong and Berlin) and the remaining three were in the Philippines (Milo, Subic, RUPM).  I had good and bad experiences from each of them but all these races I finished within the cut-off time.

But 2013 was even better for me.  Even though it has just been 7 months, it is the most I have done in a year's time.

But once again there were some HIGHS and LOWS out of this.

1.  GOOFY Marathoner! (SUPER High)

21k finisher

42k finisher
The finisher medal for the 42km race in Disney World, Orlando last January was a Mickey Mouse medal.  So why Goofy marathoner?  Alas, it was an extra challenge of doing a 21km race on a Saturday, followed by a 42km race on a Sunday!  63km in two days' worth!  Three medals (Donald Duck 21km, Mickey Mouse 42km and Goofy for doing both races) from the achievements.

If you are going to run a race abroad, might as well go all out and join everything!  BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

2.  DOPEY Marathoner!  (SUPER DUPER High!!!)

getting congratulated by the main mouse himself, Mickey!

So if Mickey Mouse is a 42k finisher, Goofy is doing both a 21k and 42k race, then what is a Dopey Marathoner?  Well, before it became official this year, Dopey unofficially meant doing a 5k race on Friday, followed by 21k on Saturday and ending with a 42k on a Sunday.

Neither Alvin nor Per accepted the fact that I registered for all THREE races!  That meant waking up at 3am three days in a row and eating, drinking and stretching a lot for those three days.  Never mind the fact that we keep going back to the Disney Parks to make the most out of our vacations! 

But I had a good time and was glad to do all of them!

3.  Per's First Full Marathon (High)

Per's first 42k was at Disney

For a person who swore off doing another 15km race a few years back, she has gone far in terms of running as she joined more 21km races, one 25km race (New Balance), one 32km race (Rizal Run) and ending with her first full Mary in January 2013.

There was more pressure for me as I was set to pace her in this race so I made sure that I wasn't too tired from the other two days of running shorter races.

PS.  Per was right in her promise... she still hasn't joined or ran a 15km race since she swore off it!

She is also the first marathoner in both sides of her family and that is something she could be proud of!

4.  Ran on EDSA!  (High)

Per joined the 10km category for Run For Juan while I joined the 21km category.  Both categories lead us to EDSA where we would run on it without any cars.  As I ran on Santolan Flyover, I purposely stopped to walk and touched the lamp post there as doubt this would happen again!  Fantastic race route!!!

I hope one day we would have an EDSA Full Marathon that would equal international races in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc.

5.  Bataan Death March 102km: (High) and (Low)

I never felt so much pain in running than when I did this race.  It was torture!  At 60km, I was tired and I had one full marathon to go!  My hands became swollen, my feet were hurting so much, I couldn't chew anything anymore as my saliva had dried off!  And yet, we continued slowly to the finish line.

Biggest low was not making the cut-off time and being disqualified here (DQ) but high was knowing that we didn't quit although there were a lot of times that I wanted to!

Wouldn't have completed the distance if not for Alvin and Lani helping me all the way in this 19+ hours of torture!  Very humbling experience!

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

6.  Broken Promises! (High) and (Low)
    a)  After BDM, I swore off running.  Even throwing away my compression pants and shorts in an act of disgust at what I did just a few days ago.  Of course, that didn't become true and I ended up buying new compression pants again for running. Haha!

    b)  One of promises I have always kept to myself was:  NOT to repeat a Marathon.  My logic was that there were a lot of marathons so why do the same one again?  Especially since a lot of training is required.  Well, I broke my self promise not just once but twice as I signed up and ran Condura and Milo this year.

Condura was a High for me as I achieved a good time of 5:40 and got a better (and bigger) finisher medal than the one I raced two years ago. Plus route was different too from when I joined in 2011 with starting line at Ayala Alabang (instead of Makati).  So technically speaking, it was a different race for me. He he!

Condura 42k

For Milo, it was a low as I didn't make it for the cut-off time of 6 hours by just a few minutes.  But I guess I wasn't serious too as I wasn't interested in the finisher medal as it was exactly the same one from last year with the exception of them changing the Milo edition number.  So I took it for granted and didn't train enough for it.  Even my wife acknowledged I was lazy for this race.  What more Alvin! Haha!

Milo 42k

7.  DQ!  (LOW)

Also known as Disqualified as didn't make it for cut-off time of BDM 102km and Milo 42km.  But a lot better than DNF (Did not finish) which hasn't happened to me yet (fingers crossed).

After Milo, I texted Alvin that that would be my last DQ Race.  Hope that promise won't be broken!

Time to get serious for each race I join in!

8. Worst Time in 32km Race - Run United 2 (SUPER LOW)

With more than 5 hours finish time, it was my worst 32km time ever (some of my marathons are even faster than this!).  I shouldn't be content with "Just to Finish" race and look to be more serious with regards to my finish time (unfortunately that would require me to train more and harder!)

I didn't finish happy as was spent too.  And once a finisher medal was placed on my head, I almost immediately took it off as I wasn't proud of this race.

9.  Get Dirty!  (High)

Who wouldn't want to be 10 years old again and play in the mud???

This was my one and only trail run for this year as it was a 10km Mud run in Filinvest, Alabang.  Definitely a "fun run" and one I don't mind doing again.

10.  Different kinds of races: (High)

First Zombie Medal

Outbreak Manila Survivors!

There is the yearly Outbreak Manila where you have to run not to get a PR but to survive an apocalyptic zombie infestation!  You get three lives in the form of red strips on your belt and have to have one "life" left when you cross the finish line to get the finisher medal and shirt.  Awesome fun and scary experience!

Amazing Pinoy Fun Run 10km
  Amazing Pinoy Fun Run was a 10km race with challenges.  This was done a day before I joined the 10km Mud Run, which also had its own challenges.

11. First Family Fun Run (High)

Pet Express Doggie Run 5km

It was our family's first fun run together, granted Dani didn't run at all (she sat in her stroller the whole time) and it wasn't really a family fun run race but more of a pet race (owners ran with their dogs).  But Janine accommodated us and gave us our individual bibs (Dani has her own). A finisher medal at the finish line for Dani too (who was sleeping soundly at 4km).

12.  Moving up to Ultra Marathon World (SUPER HIGH!)

I guess BDM opened up Pandora's Box for me in that it became possible for me to run races with more than a full marathon distance.

Never thought I would enter this world of Ultra Marathon.  If Marathoners only make up 1% of world's population, what is the % for Ultra marathoners?

As of now, I'm the first from both sides of my family to venture into Ultra Marathons but I'm sure this won't last as there are a lot of Marathoners in my immediate family alone!

But this is a title I can hold as of this day. Haha!

Tagaytay to Nasugbu 50k Medal

at the finish line!

Laguna to Quezon 50km race

steady pace all the way

final sprint to the finish line

our first running trophies!

Doing a 50km race is more fun as I felt more accomplished when I reached the finish line.  Laguna to Quezon even had an extra 3km distance but I was fine with it.  Unexpectedly,  I got a runner's high and almost immediately signed up for another 50km race!!

The best part of these two races was finishing way ahead of the cut-off time so it was a redemption from our BDM race (I even received a trophy to replace BDM trophy, which I didn't get anymore).

Of course, none of these would be possible without

1.  GOD - where everything is possible through Him who Loves You.  Thank God for keeping me safe, strong and injury-free and to come home to my family.  Prayer really works and this is one thing I want to keep consistent in my life.

2.  Per - her support.  Every time I would say it would be my last big race, she would say "Okay".  Then when I get all excited for the next big race, she WOULDN'T COMPLAIN and say things like, "wasn't the last one Your last big race?" 

Rather, she would smile and say, "I Knew it!" and then laugh it off.

Very supportive to me and my running and I appreciate that. She always knew that running was a part of my life even when there were times I thought I was done with it!  Thanks dear! 

3.  Alvin - his pushing me (sometimes literally though)!  Haha!  Yes, I would definitely have stuck to 21km races only if not for Alvin and no way would I even get a fast time in 42km, 21km or 10km without Alvin speed training me.

The long runs helped with Alvin and I was able to do Ultra Marathons too because Alvin ran with me (either side by side or in front of me).  Thanks Bud! You were a HUGE HELP! (But that BDM was really Hell!) Haha!

4. Lani - our solo support crew for BDM 102km and L2Q 50km.  One woman to drive the distance and give us food and drinks and whatever we needed from her (burgers, ice, soda, etc).  This girl is a Supergirl.  Thanks again!  You saw me at my worst!  Haha!

One 10km and one 50km to go to cap the year (but no promises if these would be my last races for the year)!


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