Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Run? Reason No. 13

Reason No. 13:  TO BE CRAZY (once in a while)!

Runners are crazy people!

Who wakes up at 2AM to do some exercises?  Runners that's who!

Only runners get chafe, blisters, plantar fasciitis, dead toes for a "recreational activity".  They are Crazy People (and they seem to be PROUD of it)!

Only runners run so hard in a 5km or 10km race and feel that they are going to die from a heart attack and then be proud that they beat their personal best time by two seconds. 

Yes, two $%^#$ seconds!

Yes, CRAZY CRAZY people these runners are!

Only runners force themselves to give up partying and going out with friends because, they have a race the next day!  What the %^$ !

And they run so far.  There's 21km, 42km, 50km, 102km.  Just thinking about 10km makes your neighbors dizzy!  Why not just use a car you crazy people ???!!!  

And these people are everywhere.  So be very very careful where you walk!  There might be someone running behind you right now!


Disclaimer:  Writer is a certified CRAZY person who Ran yesterday on EDSA and on C-5 just to see if he can do it.  He was afraid of the the speeding buses when the sidewalks suddenly disappeared and he finds himself on the main road.  People looked at him strangely and mothers kept their children away from him.  He was glad to survive his run with only a small bottle of water and Php 100 in cash...

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Mary Elizabeth G said...

Only runners get chafe, blisters, plantar fasciitis, dead toes for a "recreational activity".

Haha I'm guilty of having experienced all those! :O