Monday, February 3, 2014

50km Race in February (L2B) - First Ultra for the Year

This will be my First Ultra Marathon for the year (God Willing) and it is set in just a few weeks time.  So far, my longest run has just been 25km and that took forever to finish (too many pit stops and what nots).

But I feel good that I can finish this race within the cut-off time, which is quite lenient at 10 hours (12 minute average pace for 50km distance).  Of course, as with other Runmania races, there is an expected 2-3km BONUS distance for us!

Three interesting things for me for this race:

 1.  Very nice finisher shirt and in my favorite color too!  Read somewhere that the material used for this shirt is pretty good (hoping this is true).

2.  Unique Finisher Trophy.  This isn't a runner, it isn't even a guy but it is a woman clad in old Filipina outfit and carrying a Philippine flag on her right hand.  Who is this and how is it connected to the flag and more importantly, to this Ultra Marathon?

Fernando Armosolo's painting

 Apparently, this woman was Marcela Agoncillo, who was the principal seamstress of the first and official flag of the Philippines (ahhh, there you go), and who was requested by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo to sew a flag that would represent the Philippines.

Agoncillo was a daughter of a rich family in her hometown of Taal, Batangas (ahh, now all the pieces are here!).

Pretty cool idea for a trophy if you ask me (and perfect companion piece for those runners who did the Rizal Run 50km last December).

3.  Wife as support crew.  Not only did I get her blessing to join this race, but she was also willing to support me!  This would be her first experience as support crew.

 Some scary stuffs:
1.  Elevation levels!  Pretty much high on first 25km followed by a steep incline on latter part!  Boo!

 2.  Fear of getting lost by first-time support crew Per!

Good thing the good stuffs outweigh the bad stuffs.

Registration is still open up to now!

Let's do this!

Route Map

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