Thursday, December 24, 2009

Year ender 2009

For 2009, I did 32 road races broken down into the following:

2 Full Marathons, 11 Half Marathons, 8 15k/16k Races, 10 10k races and 1 5k race.

There were 15 races held in Fort Bonifacio, 1 race held on the Rock, 3 International races, 4 races in MOA/ Roxas, 3 held in UP and a few held in different parts of Metro Manila (QC, Greenfield, Timberland Heights, Sta. Elena among other places).

Got individual PR for Half Marathon, Marathon (twice), 10k PR (twice), and 15k PR (twice). Got couple PR for Half Marathon (twice), 16k, 15k and 10k. A good year not just for me but for Per as well.

A total of 1,650 km for 2009. NOT BAD!

And finally, I found use for the finisher medals....

God is indeed Great for blessing us with lungs to survive tempo runs, legs to cross the finish line, hands to grab water and sports drink from marshals, strong hearts and the will to finish a hard race.

See you guys next year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mango Finisher Medal: Cebu Marathon

WOW! A medal unique to all the finisher medals that I have in existence, and one more reason to do the full marathon instead of the half. DARN IT!

I just hope my left heel pain improves. Big test will come this Sunday for the 21km Celebrity Run + 11km run in between (if possible). Fingers crossed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

To Cebu or Not to Cebu (42km)...

A little bit of a background first: In terms of the race, this will be the first full marathon to be held in Cebu City and for that, Janine+ want it to be her first full marathon experience too, along with her friend Dave.

Per and I offered to join her and be there to support her and so we bought Cebu plane tickets too. Three more of our closest friends will join for this trip but mostly to explore this wonderful city in the Philippines.

I didn't want to run another marathon at the time the plane tickets were bought, seeing as I will be doing my 2nd full marathon in Fresno CA in November 2009. It was just too soon and didn't want to wear myself out by doing another marathon. So I was perfectly happy doing the 21km for Cebu Marathon and Per happy doing the 5km with her friend Blanche.

But then.... I had a great time in Fresno. The cold weather helped me a lot. I wasn't as tired as I expected, I didn't hit the wall, didn't get any blisters or cramps and able to walk normal the next day. All that plus reaching Coach Alvin's (and definitely NOT MINE) 42.2km goal of sub-5 hours. It was a runner's high (as high as can be) and I lived off the next few days in USA still unbelieving at what just happened.

I returned back to the Philippines with a big smile on my face and asked Alvin, "can I do another marathon so soon?" His reply was a definite YES and better now as I've locked in on the training and the mileage so no need to start from zero again.

Perfect! Except that my body doesn't seem to agree with the situation. Left heel painful after doing a tempo run in Fort and still lingered in Corregidor 10-miler race last week. Seem to be getting better though...


1. Training has been "locked in" so to speak so not much high weekly mileage needed to get back to the same level as before. Just need to maintain by continuing the fast fast tempos.

2. There is a finisher medal here and only in this race event! None offered for the 21km. This will be a great souvenir from our visit in this city.

3. Very nice singlet design. All the more worthy when you are able to finish a 42.2km race

4. No cut-off time. At least none that I know no fear of being picked up by shuttle bus if too slow..

5. Eye candy route. It won't be some place I have gotten used to (like Fort Bonifacio) so at least it will keep me occupied for the next 5+ hours. Touring around Cebu the runner's way. :)

6. Worth the plane ticket, hotel bookings, etc. I'm already spending for these things so might as well go all out!

7. Early gun time of 4:00AM so can avoid the morning heat for the next few hours...PROVIDED they start race as scheduled!

8. Rewarding. Aside from the pure happiness of finishing a full marathon, I decided to reward myself with some material item as a prize for doing this race. New shoes perhaps? Haha.

9. Great year starter for 2010!


1. No PR for me. It's statistically proven that running in cold weather gives the runner his best peformance in a race. So Fresno's 6 degrees gave me sub-5, Singapore super humid super hot Sundown Marathon's 38 degrees gave me more than 6 hours! Cebu's 30+ degrees should give me 5:30 time if we follow the law of averages. But still aiming for 5:00 at the most...with Alvin aiming for something way way below! haha!

2. Left heel pain. Still there and might deter me in finishing race and quitting instead! Oh no!!! Mind over matter dapat!

3. Might be too tired to cheer/ motivate Janine. But maybe running the same race will make her run more....Besides, Per and our friends will be at the finish line waiting for us.

4. The heat is on! I think it should be hotter to run in Cebu than in Manila so that could give me a hard time. Related to this topic are blisters and chafing!

5. Eventhough my training already in place, is it still too soon for this RUNNING FATBOY to do another 42.2km? Fear plays a role too!


1. This being the first for Cebu, I am not sure how well they organize a marathon race. It can be very very good (like the first QCIM) but that one had the advantage of Coach Rio as the organizer. It can also be very very bad (lkie the Subic International Marathon) where there were no lights, marshals and no water! Dumb, really dumb!

2. Chip timer. But since it's applicable for both 21km and 42.2km race, it doesn't matter to me either way. :P


Looks like the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! DAMN IT! But I still have until Dec. 31st to register for this race and think twice, thrice on what I should do. What do you think????

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Past Two Weeks...

I joined two road races....
One was a Half Marathon, the other was a 10-miler. Somehow, the 10-miler seemed harder to accomplish!

I got one of my fastest half marathon times ever (2nd best) and my worst 10-miler performance ever.

There were ample marshals in one race while in the other, nobody was even manning the water station. It was get your own water bottle from the plastic bag on the floor.

One was a race, the other became a walkathon... sort of!

One was hard running on the steep hills and desert feeling. I thought that was the hardest race. I was dead wrong come the next weekend. Now that gave the meaning of STEEP HILLS!

One was just 10minutes drive from my house. The other was a 30-minute car drive, 1.5 hour boat ride, and two trolley rides to the starting line!

One lasted until 9:30am. The other lasted until 7pm! There goes my entire day!

Both were good times as spent in with friends

One race lead to my wife injuring herself. I wasn't in a good condition too and thought of resting for a while...

I got a finisher medal.

I used said finisher medal as part of the Xmas Tree Ornaments. Wife super duper excited about the tree. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!. I'm just happy I found uses for the medals.

Didn't get the singlet for one race. But at the end of the day, I just didn't care. I just want to go home!

Had super hard time chasing after coach Alvin in one of his tempo runs. Heel pain.
Four days later, pain still there! :(

Having seconds thoughts about Cebu race. Won't register yet until I've made up my mind. But I did register for Celebrity Run the second time around.

But the Cebu race keeps reeling me in... Damn that ego. Damn that curiosity!

Soooooo looking forward to a weekend without an early morning race! Is this running fatboy finally burning out???

Realized that except for the weekend after my No.2 Marathon, I have been joining and running road races every weekend. I need to rest again!

Pictures from New Balance 21km race at Fort Bonifacio and Corregidor 10-miler.