Thursday, March 31, 2011

Run With Doctors - May 01, 2011

Here is another race by RunRio.Inc :

This will be a fund raising activity for the Philippine College of Physicians Foundation (PCPF), whose current programs and projects are the following: HERO Project, Tree Planting Activities, Researches, Advocacies. They also aim to educate grade school students about the dangers of hypertension which come from three main factors: smoking, not eating properly, not getting enough exercise.

Even as a runner, I am not exempted from this as I fail in two out of three aspects that lead to hypertension and high blood pressure. This will eventually lead to bigger problems in the long run: diabetes, cardiac arrest, stroke, etc. So I will do this run in support of this cause, but more importantly, I shall also try to exercise more, eat healthier food and get more sleep....after all, we only have one body. Let's not abuse it!

On the race itself, this will be held on Labor Day (May 01, 2011) at SM Mall of Asia grounds and will coincide with the annual convention of Philippine College of Physicians (PCP), where approximately 1,000 out of 5,000 doctors from all over the country will be in Manila for this event.

There are online and in-store (ROX) registrations which are until April 25, 2011 or until slots are filled up. Fees range from Php500 to Php600 depending on the race distance you are interested in.

Let's run with the Doctors... let's run for a healthier life!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Globe Run 4 Home: 2011 Edition

bib no. 21 for a 21km race!

I thought this would be a relatively easy run for me. After all, I am more prepared in the sense that I have done two other half marathons for 2011. I also have my trusty IPod to give me the push and motivation that I needed to finish this race.

One thing I didn't do more this week was run as I ended up just doing one 5.6km run last Monday and that was about it. I figured that being well rested would give me the strength to push to the finish line with the simple self-created formula of "fresh legs = fast time".

At the start of the race, I felt good and was running at a good pace. I didn't feel any of the pains associated with plantar fasciitis nor the knee pain that I had before. This might work out well for me!

One thing I liked about running this race was the nice route as it took us to the wide streets of Ayala Avenue via Paseo de Roxas. Runners then exited at Buendia Avenue for the turn around point near South Super Hi-way to head back towards BGC. Similar to Condura Race, where we runners owned the Skyway, Globe: Run For Home Race made us runners owned Ayala Avenue!

But I had the same problems with Condura on a personal level. My left foot was acting up again, my shoulders felt stiff and worst of all, I felt my chest tightening! Man, I didn't want to go down in this race! So I stopped to walk a bit, ran a little, walked again, ran some more,.... repeat as needed.

My average pace went down from 7:08 to 7:30++ as I finished 1 km at an average of 8 - 9:30 pace at the latter part of the race. Argh! What could have been definitely didn't happen. Goodbye 2011 PR!

I felt vomiting too and had to push that back in. I saw the ambulance but did not want to quit. There was no cut-off time so I can just walk the entire thing if I wanted to. Health is more important. Survival was the name of the game.

Thoughts came into my head... did I run too fast and burned quickly? (I don't think so.) Did I run too little before this race? (Definitely!!!!!) Was I drinking too much water and overhydrating? (Possibly.)

Whatever the reason, it hit me... hard.

But I pushed myself to finish this race safely. And I did.

Thank God!

My final time was at 2:42:01, slower than Animo Run (2:39+) but faster than Condura Run (2:43+). Given the situation, I didn't care anymore. I was just glad to finish the race, get the loot bag, get the big @$$ Finisher Medal (a first for Globe) and go home to wake my wife up and have breakfast with her.

God is Good!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Doggie Run!

Here is a race for you dog lovers out there!

This will definitely be a fun run and looks to be an exciting one. There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd placer prizes for each category, game booths, souvenir photo booths, etc and at a cheap rate too of just Php 350 (which includes race bibs, race shirt and even a dog bandana).

Nice shirt design :)

Awesome raffle prize at stake...

Registrations are still on-going at all PET EXPRESS Stores.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Barefoot Running!

Last week, I registered myself to join the 5th VFF Barefoot Clinic at Mall of Asia Complex. As this was my first time to try running barefoot on the streets, I took the shortest distance available, which was 3km. The other distance available in this clinic was 5km distance.

There were a total of 80 people who joined the clinic that day, with some wearing Vibrams Five Fingers or other minimalist running shoes while others opted to run bare.

You may think that 80 was a small number but it was a significant increase from just 3 people who joined the very first VFF Barefoot Clinic some months ago. This was also the first time they had a barefoot running clinic as previous running clinics focused on wearing VFFs.

At about 6:30AM, we started our 3km run around MOA complex. It was quite fun to run "naked" and feel the hard ground on your feet. But it was also painful as I ran on pebbles and on the sharp concrete roads. I grimaced in pain for some time until I found out a small secret: running on the smooth sidewalks gave a relief to my sensitive feet!

Similar to trail running, I had to focus on where I was stepping on to make sure there weren't any broken glass, used bubble gums, dead insects, etc. that may lie along the path. Stepping on any one of these things would definitely make me regret taking off my rubber shoes in the first place!

Shot from behind done by Per

Nice shot made! Feet taking off!

About 18 - 19 minutes, we were back from where we started from. I was tired and exhausted and felt some minor muscle pains in my thighs. Surprisingly, there were no pains in my heel. Could the solution to plantar fasciitis be barefoot running? Hmmmm.....

Overall, this was a fantastic experience for me and I was glad to be a part of it. Running barefoot may also be a good leg strengthening exercise as you work the other muscles in your body that you don't usually focus on when you wear running shoes.

Looking forward to doing more barefoot running in the future!

Before and After the Barefoot Run

Group Shot

For those people who are interested in this experience, add "Barefoot Running Philippines" on Facebook so you can be notified of future events around the city.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AACE The Good Run

This shall serve as my second 10km race for April 2-3, 2011 weekend. This race is done by RunRio.Inc so expect lots of water, lots of pictures, fast results and accurate distance. This race is also for a good cause. More details below:

It’s a G.O.O.D. Day to run!

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists-Philippine Chapter invites one and all to “The G.O.O.D. Run” on April 3, 2011 at Bonifacio High Streets, Global City. Run 3K, 5K or 10K to raise awareness for G.O.O.D. – Goiter, Obesity, Osteoporosis, and Diabetes and for the benefit of the Power of Prevention Through Fitness and Nutrition Program to teach kids how to eat right and stay healthy. Free blood sugar, blood pressure and other health checks will be offered after the run while supplies last. For inquiries, call 703-1736 or register online at Cash prizes, raffle prizes and lots of freebies at stake. So run the G.O.O.D. Run on April 3 and help fight Goiter Obesity Osteoporosis and Diabetes!


The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists-Philippine Chapter (AACE-PC) is a professional organization of physicians specializing in the art and practice of endocrinology.

The AACE-Philippine Chapter was established in 2006, as the third international chapter of AACE and the FIRST in Southeast Asia.

Members of AACE-Philippine Chapter devote a significant part of their career to the evaluation, treatment and management of patients with endocrine diseases. They are recognized clinicians, educators, writers and researchers, many of whom are affiliated with medical schools and universities; and community leaders who are pillars of endocrinology in their home turf.

Monday, March 14, 2011

FREE Race!

Here is an interesting race to be held at BHS on April 2, 2011:

Hyundai Accent Run 5k, 10k race

Official Assembly Time: 5:30am

Be one of the 2,000 Hyundai Accent runners!

Registration is from March 1-23, 2011
A confirmation via email will be sent to you once registration form has been fully accomplished.

No registration fee!

This run is in partnership with HARIBON Foundation. Each participant will allow HARI to donate one native tree seedling to HARIBON as part of Hyundai’s socio-civic “Together We Can for a Green Tomorrow” pro-environment advocacy Winners for each category will be given trophies and Hyundai items

Sample of Singlet

Yes, you heard that right: Registration is FREE! Unfortunately, the slots were gobbled up quickly by the runners once news came out that the race is free but cross your fingers everyone as I heard from the organizers that they MAY open up additional slots today or tomorrow for this race.

Please keep looking back at their website ( or better yet, look for them at their Facebook page (and add them) so you can be ready if they open up additional slots!

For me, I am registered for the 10km race here and looking to do another 10km race the following day - my first 10km back to back race weekend (April 2-3, 2011)! And one I'm definitely excited for!

Check back on this blog to find out the other 10km race I've registered myself for...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2nd Animo Run, Clark - 21km Distance

Flashback to November 18, 2008 - it was my first run in Clark via New Balance 25km. At that time, it was my longest distance and I did it together with Janine (her longest distance as well). There were 14 of us in the group and I was able to invite all but two of them to do a fun run (ranging from 5km to 10km). We had a great time there and I vowed to return again to Clark for another road race...

More details on that race can be found here: New Balance Power Race

2009 - the New Balance Race returned but this time, it was held in Fort Bonifacio instead of Clark. The reason is that there were more runners in Metro Manila who had access to Fort Bonifacio than that of Clark. No 25km race but they did have the 21km race, which I did there. The finisher medal was quite similar to the one held in Clark a year ago..

2010 - No New Balance Race (either in Clark or in Fort Bonifacio). They moved the date to March/April 2011 but it seems it won't push through again.

2011 - Saw in my email that there was a race to be held in Clark with a 21km distance. But it was at the same day as RunRio Leg 01 and this one had finisher medals for all 21km finishers. And I looooveeee these shiny shiny things!

A quick email to the race organizer of the Clark race (2nd Animo Run) revealed that there were also finisher medals for all 21km finishers for this race. Being a La Sallian, I coveted the Animo Run medal more than the RunRio series and set to work to invite the same group of people as that of 2008.

It was basically the same people with a few additions/ subtractions in the group bringing our total to 13 people (from 14 for 2008). Whereas in 2008 only two people didn't run a race, in 2011, only two WILL run a race! I guess my powers of persuasion only works for out-of -town trips and not out-of-town runs! Boo!!!

But I was still excited for this race - for the new scenery, for the new route, to face the famous "Wall" of Clark, and to get another finisher medal (God willing) that would serve as both my 2nd La Salle medal (both done on La Salle's 100th Year Anniversary) and my 2nd Clark finisher medal. But I was scared too as the only running I did for the entire week was one short 5.6km easy run on Friday night (two days before the half marathon). Not enough training indeed for this RUNNING FATBOY! Good thing the 3.5 hours cut off time should be more than enough for me to complete my Half Marathon.


I woke up at 4:00am, ate half a sandwich, got dressed and met Jeanne at Holiday Inn's lobby at 5:10am. There was ample time as the race venue (Clark Parade Grounds) was just a 5-minute drive from hotel. Unfortunately, the way to the parking area (via hotel's back entrance) and to my car was closed and I had to jog around the hotel just to get to it. Oh well, I needed to warm up anyway.

I made it to the Parade Grounds in time and saw that there were only a few of us doing the 21km race. We did the opening prayer, sang the Alma Mater song, and I heard the opening remarks (which included a description of the race route). Then the fireworks were launched into the sky (just to make sure that everybody was awake and ready for the race). And the gun was fired at 5:50am (20 minutes past the scheduled gun start but I didn't care as I enjoyed the atmosphere in the morning).

I was at the back part of the race as I didn't want to risk burning out too quickly for something I didn't even train for! Right then, we went up to a series of hills as we headed to Fontana area. So this was the "Wall" of Clark! Good thing the weather cooperated nicely and it was really great to run where there were hardly any cars or jeepneys around. I could really smell the fresh air there!

There were ample signs to make sure the runners won't get lost and one strategically placed timing mat at the 5km mark (so that 21km runners would hit it twice - at the 5km and 16km mark). Route was very basic as it just keeps going straight for most of the way until we make a turning point on the 10 - 11 km mark and receive a straw necklace from the marshals as proof that we made it to that area. Going back was hard as I was tired already, the sun was burning us as there were a few trees on the wide open road, and I was feeling the hunger pangs. But I kept going as I played a mental game of counting the number of steps I make before taking a walking break. I stopped at every water station (at every 2km marks), had two bananas, two half cups of sports drink and used two of my three GUs.

Running back from the 11km mark, I was able to overtake some male/female runners who looked to be more tired than I am. Special mention goes to two of these runners, who just irritated the hell out of me.

The first guy was walking when I neared him and when I overtook him, he would start running by my side the entire time and singing! There were no other runners at that time except the two of us and when I stopped running and walked instead, he would do the exact same thing! Arghhh! So I would run off again, and he would do the same thing again. What are you? My shadow???? And I would stop to walk and he would do the exact same thing. All the while singing just to prove that he wasn't really tired but wanted to follow my pace.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind this especially if I got to talking to another runner but this just felt... weird! And the space between us was really really small. It was a really wide road but why stick so close to me when there wasn't anybody else running in this area right now? Was I emitting some sort of smell that attracted you to me? Arrgghh! Well, that kinda motivated me to run again and not take a walk break until this dude would tire out and leave me be. And he did... he stopped to walk while I continued running but the funny thing was that he was still singing when I left him. Good riddance Shadow Guy!

Then there's runner #2. Yes, I saw him way ahead of me and walking. It was around the 17km area. And when I got near him, he would sprint away from me, look back and start walking again. I was running at a steady pace so when the time came when I was by his side again, he would run off again at a fast pace. So this guy was a complete opposite to runner #1 but it seems he was using me as a gauge on when to run and when to walk and I didn't like that one bit. I mean, why wait when I am by your side before you take off again? Well, this went on for a while until he basically gave up on it and I passed him too. Goodbye Mr. Competitive!

For the most part, I would yo-yo against a lot of runners: there was a couple doing the Galloway method, there were two girls running together, another couple wearing white compression socks, running at a steady pace and to whom I was using as my motivation as well (girl had QCIM white singlet on), and a nice girl whom I exchanged some words with (and to my big surprise recognized my blog... awwww shucks!).

Yes, I use people as targets and they use me as their targets too so that's a normal thing. We use what we can to cross the finish line, but please don't be too obvious (like the two male runners) and give importance to one's personal space too!

The final stretch of the race was all downhill, which was perfect for one's aching muscles. I crossed the finish line at 2:39++, beating my Condura 21km time and giving me a new 2011 21km PR.


Congrats to all runners who joined this race.

Road to the Finish Line

Animo La Salle!!!

Jeanne (who did the 10km race) and I having fun after the race. All of our other friends were still sleeping at the hotel!

21km race conquered!

Loved my bib number and loved my finisher medal!

Added bonuses: Singlet's XXL size fits me! It's rare that even a XXL race singlet would fit me these days so this was a definite bonus for me.

The race bib also included a "20% off on all NB items" coupon at Marquee mall and I used it to buy myself a new pair of shoes (NB 1226 in new gold color scheme) that same day. Call it a reward for completing a half marathon. :)

Overall it was a great run and hopefully there would be more half marathons in Clark so that more people could experience what I did that day. Great job to the race organizers!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Globe Run 4 Home

Another exciting race from Runrio.Inc: Globe's Run For Home 2011. d

Per and I have done the two previous Run for Home events and both were quite spectacular - in that the 21km routes passed through Ayala Avenue before heading towards the finish line. The first Run for Home event introduced the Chip Timer to the Philippines Running Community, for more accurate race results. It was also Per's first 21km race, which I ran with her.

We did again last year's 21km Globe's Run for Home event and had a good time running in and out of Greenbelt area amid the hot, humid weather.

But this isn't just an ordinary run. It's a run for a good cause, and as a runner, you have four options as to where your money would go to:

Gawad Kalinga - builds communities to end poverty through its community development programs

Habitat for Humanity - funds to be used to build houses for public school teachers

Haribon Foundation - for conservation of Natural Resources and improvement of environmental issues

Virlanie Foundation - provides home and education to abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned children

Registration fees are as follows: P650 for 3K, P750 for 5K, P850 for 10K, P950 for 15K and P1,050 for 21K (with an ongoing promo of buy 4 get 1 free as long as it is for the same race category)

Registration may be done online at or by going to the physical booth at the 4th floor, Cinema Lobby of Greenbelt 3 in Makati City (from 12noon to 8:00pm).

Gun Start for the race categories are as follow: 5:00am for 21k, 5:15am for 15k, 5:30am for 10k, 5:45am for 5k, 6:00am for 3k.

Added bonus for the 21k finishers: The very first Globe Run For Home Finisher Medal! Dang!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inquirer 25th Anniversary Run - 10k Event

Feb 27th, 2011 - It was really hard to wake up early for the 5:50am gun start for the 10km race. Luckily, things worked out in my favor as race was delayed for a few minutes. I even made it to see the 5-person relay take off! Phew!

With a little bit of stretching and basically a 100-meter jog to warm my muscles, I walked slowly to the starting line to await our gun start.

Wife Per accompanied me to this race (she wanted to go to Mercato Centrale and only way she could do so was to ride with me this morning... hehe) and took a picture of me a few minutes before my race.

The Emcee was still speaking when the gun was fired. Haha! I wasn't even sure he knew the race had already commenced for us! The weather was perfect for me - cool weather with no sun yet. The route was great too as it was tweaked in such a way that we went to this new long road that has a little hill climb to it. There were ample water stations in this race and I made it my point to stop at every single one of them.

Personally, I had a great time! There were no foot pain for me and I enjoyed the feeling of panting, wheezing and being out of breathe. I made it a point not to pressure myself by NOT looking at my pace or time on the road but only looking at my Garmin to see the distance I've finished. It was more of a "what-I-feel" race.

Thanks to Active Moments ( for the nice race pictures. There were a lot of photographers this morning so I was sure to get one or two good pictures in.

Nearing the finish line.

10k race completed and one with a happy face!

Hmmm... I am NOT in this picture!

But I had to post it because of this guy: Mon (according to the back of his pink Powerpuff shirt) that I used to push me forward. Whenever I am tired, I will use him as my motivation to keep on running (instead of walking) and that lead me to chase him.... and to eventually finish the race at a good time... He left me eating his dust but he helped me in this race. The last time I got a time this fast or lower than this was in June 2010! Thanks Powerpuff Mon!

I finished my race and got a nice environment bag from Inquirer, which I used to fill up with Powerades and bottled water.

My official results are as follows:

Que Pe Dennis

Category: 10 km
Chip Time: 1:03:58

Chip Time Ranking Details

These rankings are based on chip time. Your chip time is the time from the moment you cross the start line to the moment you cross the finish line
Chip time rank: 165
You had a faster time than 1% of runners in your category

Wow, I beat just 1%? How impressive!


Still, it is my best time for over 6 months so that is a great thing for me! After all, isn't running more about competing against yourself vs other runners (unless you're an elite or a Kenyan of course).

Good race organization and what I liked here too was seeing the relay runners head out fast with their silver batons in order to make it to the grand prize of Php 25,000 (split among the 5 runners of course). That was an exciting sight!

And the grand prize of both me and Per: breakfast at Mercato Centrale! Mmmmm.... chicken adobo with rice! Yummy!

See you in the next race (Clark 21k for me).