Friday, August 8, 2014

I got mail! For Marathon #15

Looks like this is a definite go!

For my 15# full marathon, I am doing the Marathon du Medoc in France next month.

This will be its 30th edition and I count myself lucky to be registered for this race.

This won't be a PR goal race, but rather a Just-To-Finish Race with a unique twist in it:

The race course will be along the vineyard of Bordeaux country and instead of serving Gatorade or other sports drinks in their water stations, they will be serving wine instead (with your choice of Red or White to boot!).  Good thing, there is still water served here!

Looks exciting and hopefully I could make it to the finish line in one piece!

To God be the Glory!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Registered for RU3 2014!

One of my friends yesterday asked when the 3rd leg of Run United for this year will be as I was convincing him to do the 21km race.

I had no idea but knew that I had to research on it right after our lunch together.

Lo and Behold, not only was the date up already (OCTOBER 5, 2014) but registration is possible too!

So I registered immediately for the final leg needed to complete the Trilogy.  Of course, I would go big for this by going for the FULL MARATHON DISTANCE.  After all, wouldn't it feel more rewarding and accomplished if you set out to do the hardest race distance?

So it was all or nothing to complete this year's RUN UNITED TRILOGY,  God willing of course.

Right now it is priority registration for those who completed leg 1 and/or leg 2 of this year's Trilogy.  But come August 15th, it will be open to the public.  Hopefully I can register my wife for the 21km distance by then.

Thanks be to GOD!

Additional Notes:  

Upon looking at starting line for this race, it isn't at BGC like the past years.  Now starting line for ALL race categories will be at Mall of Asia (MOA) complex ground.

Gun start for 42km at 3am
Gun start for 21km at 4am

There will be a starting line cut-off time of 15minutes as well to make sure everyone gets there on time too!