Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Condura Skyway Marathon 2011: Year 4

Ahhh, the Skyway!

Whereas our Milo Marathons can be equated to the famous Boston Marathons, in that both races are the oldest and hardest-to-qualify races (due to the short cutoff times) in their own respective countries, I would think that Condura's Skyway Marathon can be equated to the famous New York Marathons.

There are bridges to cross, cheering people, festive after race parties, lots of giveaways and so so many runners. As Condura prepares for its Year 4, the question comes up: What would be new this year?

I have been lucky enough to join all 3 Condura races as I started at 10km (2008), ventured to 21km (2009) and did the 42km (2010). In all these events, I ran the farthest distance. Will there be a 50km new distance this year??

Sadly, it's a no (not that I could do it!) but the organizers put in a new distance, which my friend and co-blogger Janine would do - 16km!

Another plus is that the 10km, 16km, 21km and of course, the 41km, will all go on the Skyway! Now more people can get the SKYWAY EXPERIENCE!

Registrations are now ongoing at Greenbelt3 via a very quick registration procedure.

See you guys there!

I am registered for the 21km! Per will do the 3km race!

It's just runners and the SKYWAY. No Pollution + Wide Open Roads + No cars = Faster Time!

Registration Area inside Greenbelt3. Shirts are very nice and range from XS to XXL size.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Nike's 5km Run Manila

"Don't you think it's fun to do a 5km race once in a while? " - The Bullrunner (after seeing her and her husband at Fort Bonifacio's weekend market after doing the Nike Run).

I couldn't agree more!

With only one race category in this year's Nike Run, runners can do one of three things:

1) still join the race and just enjoy it

2) join the QCIM, which had 10km, 21km and 42km race categories

3) sleep it off or just run on your own.

Having done the QC Half Marathon last year, I decided to skip it this year and just do a race closer to home. Enter: Nike's 5km race.

For a fee of Php 300, there were no singlets, no finisher shirts (although what the marshals were wearing were really nice! I hope they at least sell those shirts. Pretty pretty Please!) and of course, no finisher medals!

But there were ample drinks in the route, lots of food and drinks at the finish line (got two bananas, tuna pandesal, water bottle and a sports drink) and the Nike + toy (which comes in three versions).

Perfect run also to try my new shoes from the suggestion of Benny (thanks buddy!). It was really a fun run as there were a lot of students, a lot of people walking, talking and even taking pictures along the race route. But I didn't care. I still had fun.

Race started late (at 7:00am) but good thing weather cooperated nicely as no sign of the blazing sun during the run. Plus the chance of waking up quite late for a road race (especially since we came home late the previous night.... mmmmmmmm.... Pen Pals...... mmmmmmmm.... Ice cream.... Drool!)

I followed this group of runners for the first 3km (doing a lot of weaving among the crowd of runners) but got winded out from their fast pace and had to stop at one of the water stations, and see them slowly disappear from my sight.

But they still took me more than halfway in the race and I just had 2km to go. My goal was sub-30minutes but doubtful I could do it as haven't really been running fast for the past few months! But by following them, I was able to accomplish my goal with 7 seconds to spare! Haha!

I am still slow compared to my pace a year ago, but at least I knew what it felt like again to have my lungs trying to bust out of my chest, to breathe deeply, to wheeze, to pant, to sprint the last 150 meters, all the while looking at my watch and wishing for the seconds to slow down. Definitely not as fit as I was before!

But it was still a good fun run and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The Nike toy stands proudly in our room.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

McDonald's 2nd Happy Run - Race Review

As a runner, doing two races in one weekend is a feat that is quite rare for me. I just figured it's too tiring and not at all fun to wake up early on both Saturday AND Sunday when I should have at least one day to sleep late.

Still, there have been instances in the past when I have done this. The most current one was last May 1-3 long weekend, with me doing the Labor Day 5km Run on May 1st, followed by a 16km RUNew race in Alabang. Both races were quite good and I had a great time in each of them.

In 2009, I also did a back to back race by doing Robinson's Fit and Buddy Run 10km with Per, followed by REACH's 5km race, which had runners finishing Krispy Kreme donuts before they could finish their race. Again, both these races were awesome on their own.

With only two back to back races and a Running history of 4 years, it really wasn't common for me. So why do it again?

1. It's hard to resist free kits! Yes, I got a free kit to do Vertical Marathon via Skechers Facebook page and I received a second free race kit to do McDonald's Run via Pinoy Fitness' contest. Thanks guys!

2. Both races seemed to be too fun to pass up. Who wouldn't want to challenge themselves via conquering a 25 floor building? Who wouldn't want to join McDonald's Fun Run and just enjoy their time there?

3. It was a long weekend!

Just like the May 1-3 long weekend wherein I did two races, here was another long weekend with Monday being declared as a non-working day. So I still had a chance to sleep long and wake up late. Perfect also to rest my tired body by spending the 3rd day at home.

4. Again, the Free kits! And anything that comes with it! That meant free loot bag, free breakfast (McDonalds), free singlets, etc. For these two races, it was a savings of Php 900 for the registration fees!

5. More calories to burn. Not really a good reason to do two races but a reason nevertheless.

Anyway going back to the real topic for this entry, which was McDonald's 2nd Happy Run- Race Review:

The venue was at Mckinley Hills, with a very early starting time for a 10km race. But I didn't care. I even appreciated it as didn't want to be burned by the sun rays. This, being at McKinley Hills meant that we had free parking (as it is free parking here every Sunday).

For Php 350, there were no singlets but there was a free breakfast via (DUH!) McDonald's breakfast muffins. Proceeds of race would go to Ronald McDonald's Charity House. Race was even started by popular actress Donita Rose!

The race route would take us out of McKinley Hills and lead us bumping with runners from another race happening in Fort Bonifacio (BGC's 21km run). Saw a lot of familiar faces from that race but I was just happy with my 10km. No pressure on me! Lots and lots of water stations (but some of them could be BGC's).

I was moving at a better than expected, but still slow speed as I conquered each kilometer. My legs took a beating from the building run the previous day so had some difficulty at the hilly route. But I was glad there were no pains for my left foot! Yay! No i pod this time around as I wanted to focus on my running form.

The route took us all the way to Lawton Avenue for the U Turn back to McKinley Hills where I was able to catch up with some 5km runners, who seemed to be having a great time with their kids. Once inside McKinley Hills, we had to do one final big loop around the parking lot before we could cross the finish line.

Race conquered! I immediately got my Sausage McMuffin and woofed it down with the juice they gave me. Then, back to the car to get camera in the hopes of finding THE CLOWN! For me, that was my ultimate prize! The ultimate McDonald's Celebrity Icon!

This was a family run, being McDonald's after all. Parents brought along their kids. Some families even bought the nice red/yellow shirt being sold for just P250 (for adults) or P200 (for kids) as a souvenir of this race. Quite festive at the finish line as everyone enjoyed eating their breakfasts and hanging around after a hard work out!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Happy at McHappy Run

As for the CLOWN...

HE is now my Facebook Profile Picture! Gotta Luv It! Hehe!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exciting Stuffs from FINISHLINE Inc. !

Finishline Inc. seems to be making a lot of plans for 2011 and giving us a preview of it.

First of all they will be having an end of the year race at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa.

Simply called ROAD X TRAIL, you have your choice of either running on December 18th, biking on December 11th or doing a Duathlon on December 19th (or for you hard core people, doing all three events!).

For the running event, it ranges from 3km to that of 16km with your choice of either running it on the road or doing the trail running. I am not yet sure how this will be done but I am thinking two different starting/ finishing areas for these races? Or just different waves from same starting line with different routes?

Personally, I have never ran in Nuvali yet and this will be an exciting experience for me. It will most likely be my year ender race for 2010. More good news was that registration forms mention FINISHER MEDAL!

Those people who do have a bike, I would recommend doing the biking or the duathlon event.

It seems the good people of Finishline Inc. aren't just focusing on running but on multi-sport events. As mentioned above, they already have running and biking in their line up. Come 2011, there are also a lot of swimming events and triathlon events.

At the registration forms, they have even plotted out all the events for 2011 so you can choose which date you want to race and prepare your training timetable to meet it. They will also include training programs for these kind of events.

Another new feature for the company is introducing the MYCHIP. Quite similar to the chip timers or D-tags that we used in various road races with one or two differences:

1. These things aren't disposable. You can use, re-use, and just keep re-using it all over again. This is also the chip timer technology used in various international road races. After your race, you can plug it in or input your serial number or password in the website and can see your time results almost immediately.

2. It is a Multi-sport Chip Timer. It is waterproof so it can be used for running (most obvious way), biking (by either strapping it on your shoes or on your bike) or even for swimming.

But just to clarify, MyChip isn't part of your race kit. It is sold separately but I am assuming at the same places where the race registrations are. Those who opt not to buy it can still join the Finishline races by getting the disposable chip timers, which are included in your race kit. The advantage of owning MyChip is the discount you would get from joining the different multi-sport races as there is no more need for you to buy the disposable chip timers.

For more information, please visit www.finishline.ph