Sunday, July 30, 2017

Race: Milo 10km race

It has been a while since my last race.  First one for second half of the year and just 10km as no endurance and lack of training.  But with 1 hour 30 minutes cut off time, it should be doable for me.

Alvin, Mary and I registered for 10km race while Pao registered for 21km race. Venue was at SM Mall of Asia.  We left quite early as didn't know what logistics would be in terms of road closures and parking spaces.  We left at 3:50am for a 5:00am 10km race!  Quite early for our standards!  But at least we didn't encounter any problems going and parking there.

Our race started on time on a windy and cold Sunday morning.  Route was quite simple with just a U turn at Roxas Blvd.

I started at 7 minute pace and checked how that pace felt like. It was good and figured I could go faster.  

By 5km I was a bit winded but still felt capable to finishing the race at this pace of sub-7 minutes.  

It was harder come 6km but I remembered from watching CARS 3 (of all movies) about wind drafting and did it when I saw a runner in front of me running about the same pace.  So I stuck with him for the next 2km, even stopping at the same time as he at the water station.  Ninja skills so he wouldn't notice I was right behind him.

By 8km I felt I got my strength back and ran by myself for the last 2km of the race.  Thanks anonymous runner for your help in catching the strong winds in front of me.

Last 2km were both below 6 minute pace at 5:55 and 5:52, my fastest for a long time now.

Thank YOU LORD for your help and nice weather!

Got my first Milo 10km finisher medal at finish line too.

Good run followed by good breakfast at Dayrits.  Happy to Milo race even though distance wasn't my normal Milo distance.

Thank YOU LORD again.