Sunday, July 18, 2010


DNWU for DID NOT WAKE UP! Damn! I missed my first race for this month as Per and I woke up an hour late for it. Whatever happened to the alarm? GRRRRRR!!!!

It's my first DNS (Did not start) race! What a waste of money! Now we had to return everything that we packed last night.

So frustrating!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FIFA precedes Running

For one entire month, Per and I were glued to our TV sets watching each country give out their best for the ultimate goal of being FIFA World Champions 2010.

With the odd time of 2:30am, we (but mostly me) ended up sleeping at 4:30am at the earliest with 6:00am at the latest (if there were overtime). As we were about to go to sleep, runners were about to wake up or even running already in different parts of the metropolis.

But I didn't mind. Because this was an exciting tournament. We watched as England's goalie tried to get the slowly rolling ball out of the net and failed to do so, earning a tie with USA. We watched as South Korea did an impressive first game during the first round. We watched as Germany with its young players and WITHOUT the help of Michael Ballack wiped out Argentina, England and Australia with 4 points, a feat in the football world. We watched as Star Players Messi, Rooney, Torres tried their best to score a goal for their countries and failed to do so countless times. We watched as a surprise Brazil was sent home by a defeat from Netherlands. We watched the power of Uruguay's Forlan (he earned best player award) and the tight defense of Spain as they made up for their 1-0 loss by Switzerland! We watched Italy and France sent home on the first round! These two countries were the winner and first runner up of 2006 FIFA. Sadly, they did not give their best performances here. We watched the best game ever as Germany and Uruguay vie for third place each getting two goals before Germany scored its 3rd goal and winning 3rd place spot for the 2nd consecutive FIFA tournament. We watched players jump for joy in scoring a goal, players slapping their heads as they missed goals, players hugging as they go to the next round, players crying as they lose a game and the many colorful fans at the arenas.

We woke up with headaches the next day but high from the experience of watching these games.

We watched at bars and cheered/ booed with the people there. We drank beer, ate chips and fries and watched games ourselves, with friends and with family members.

It was a good time to be a lazy bum. Now, that it is over, it's time to hit the gym and the road again. It's time to work out again. It's time to move more instead of just sitting on the couch eating junk food. It's time to eat healthy again.

It is Time - "Kena Ko"

Congrats to Spain, Netherlands and Germany for first, second and third place respectively.