Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Race Review: Color Nite Run 10km

 Color Nite Run is advertised for what it is:  a fun run involving colors, glow sticks and bracelets and expectation of getting dirty!  This is definitely NOT a PR race!

For this edition, it was held in Filinvest Alabang, which I didn't mind as enjoyed running in new places.  We were a group of 6 for this race and we all rode in one car going to the venue to save on gas and toll fees and for the company too!

There was no goal time for this race for me.  I will run with Per and see how she fares for this night considering she couldn't run the other day due to sharp pain in her legs. 

group selfie

As the gun was fired, our group of six were separated:  the spouses ran together while Janine and Jeanne ran at their own pace.

I figured it was a flat course for this race.  Boy, was I wrong.  There were a lot of steep hills and we had to run it in the dark as there were no street lamps here, or if there were, they were turned off.  I think this was done purposely so that we will see the effects of our glow sticks.  But it was still a dangerous move as we couldn't see the ground we were running on and I had to keep looking and squinting my eyes to see if there are any manholes in front of us!!

Good thing we saw Janine again who had her cellphone with her and she used the light and pointed it to the ground!  Great thinking Jann!

Being a Color Run (inspired by Color Races in the USA), I expected us to hit a lot of color stations throughout the 10km race.  Unfortunately, there were only two stations and one was near the starting line.

I think a lot of runners were disappointed too by the lack of color stations so they decided to do it themselves!  YIKES!!!!

running (or posing) in the dark!

There was also a water spray station for people who wanted to clean themselves of the food coloring (at least that was what I think it was).

Overall, it was a good race and we all had a good time.  Per's injury didn't act up (Thank GOD) and she finished her fastest 10km for the year.  Dinner afterwards at Project Pie before heading back home.

Some room for improvements:

1.  More color stations.  We EXPECT to be dirty and filled with all sorts of colors.  This did not happen!  Hopefully, they can fix this in the future.

2.  Street lights needed.  I understand they want us to show off our color bands but I think safety should be the priority here!

3.  Standard finisher medal for all race categories (3km, 5km, 10km) was given out to finishers.  It would be nice if it was separated PER CATEGORY and written on medal the distance you completed.

Note:  All photos were taken from Janine's cellphone.  Thanks Jann!