Thursday, July 24, 2008

August Runs

After thinking that there won't be any more runs for me, I find myself registering for three different races this August. All 10KM runs and one race every two weeks.

The first is MILO Marathon on August 3, 2008. I am not fit enough to do the full marathon as still need to train on my long runs. Milo's Half marathon will only be done in the province so I am left with only the 10KM, but still good as participating in the country's oldest and biggest race. With me is my partner in crime Perper Oven, doing her 5KM. Not much details on this race but think it will be held somewhere in Luneta Park (another first for us...hmmm, where to eat after? so many choices). Only contents found in the race kit are a bib and a MILO singlet, which regulations say it needs to be worn at all times during the race. Wonder how strict this rule is given those who won in provincial divisions weren't wearing the MILO singlet!!! I got a XL size shirt, but it baffles me that it is a little tight (my goodness, am I really living up to my blog name????). Will just bring another shirt on race day and hope the race officials are lenient.

Second race is Men's Health Miracle Run . So far, it is my most expensive run here at a whopping Php 350! But then, MH will give Php 200 to charity for every runner who finishes the race and a big Php 200,000 if all runners finish! I tried registering at Powerbooks over the weekend but they have no idea what it is about (Calling MH!! What happened to this?). Good thing R.O.X. at Serendra already has the forms so my sister registered for me. 5 of our family will do this run. Hassle too that they don't have race kits ready and have to pick it up at Summit Media office or on race day.

Final run will be NIKE+ HUMAN RACE. Whereas Milo is Philippine's biggest run, this will be the world's biggest run! And both happening in the same month! How cool is that? With my trusty Nike+ sportsband (or not too trusty as results fluctuate), and fellow runners JANINE+, PERPER OVEN, BURP, we are ready to do this either on our own or (fingers crossed) with possible race to be organized by Coach Rio. I am so excited for this run that I even had my sister buy for us from the States the very cool (and very very VERY expensive) Nike+ shirt with our own individual numbers printed on it! My bib number is about 350k++ out of possible one million racers. I do hope Nike Philippines comes out with more designs here so everyone can wear it come race day. So far, they have only released a blue shirt with global map as its design and HUMAN RACE printed at back of shirt. Hmmm...come to think, this is my MOST expensive race to date given price of shirt (ironic as race is FREE). Registration is done via the internet so quite simple.

So three runs, 30KM total - - - I shall call this my MILO HUMAN MIRACLE RACE!

Anyone else crazy enough to doing this???


Anonymous said...

I like how it sounds! MILO HUMAN MIRACLE RACE!!! So far I have 1 registered pa lg.

TheFitMommy said...

I'm doing the MILO HUMAN MIRACLE RACE too! Nice of you to come up with the name... I'm supposed to run the QC Red cross this July 27 - but was moved to August 24... So for me it's a MILO HUMAN CROSS MIRACLE RACE... Although I might not do the red cross even if I'm registered. 4 10K in a month???

charles said...

naku... miracle race lang pala ako. i'm out of town sa milo, tapos nike+ exclusive lang yung human race. hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi running fatboy. Saw one of your blog entries and wanted to stop by.

It'a awesome that you're doing three races in August. Definitely, the running scene there is more popular than ever. It will continue to grow with Coach Rio's events and Baldrunner's events to happen soon.

Best wishes for you in the future. Keep on running! - Wayne

Anonymous said...

I am joining 4 races on August: Milo on Aug 3, NKTI HOPE run in UP on Aug 10, Men's Health on Aug 17, and Nike (as a bandit!) on Aug 31.

Running Fatboy said...

hi manokan, Go and register for the other races!! Go go go!!

hi thefitmommy, Red Cross sounds interesting too but I'm just too lazy to travel all the way to QC to register.

hi charles, one run is still better than zero run right? :)

hi sfrunner, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to one day run in your area too...once they have budget airlines to go there. hehe.

hi runmd, it seems that August is a busier month for you than it is for me...

Nora del Rosario said...

Wow! How can one possibly run 3 races in a month?
I'm running 5k in the Milo Run. My race # is 76748. What's yours? Hope to see you and the other runner bloggers there.

Nora, the golden girl