Friday, July 11, 2008

Macau Museum

Continuing my full day at Senado Square Area, I visited Macau Museum next. This place is located right next to Ruins of St. Paul so quite convenient to access it.

Entry fee is just MOP 15 (PHP 90) so affordable too. Operating hours are from Tuesday - Sunday (10AM - 6PM).

This is a three-storey building built on Mount Fortress and shows exhibits on history, culture and art of Macau.

Some interesting pieces in the museum include:

The bells from St. Paul's church

"The Last Supper" carved from a Mother of Pearl and part of the Religious Artifacts section of museum.

Cruxifix made from Ivory and metal.

Very creepy puppet show. Part of Chinese culture, where they had their own TV shows.


Sample of Portuguese colonial houses

The most interesting culture/ hobby of the people here was the Cricket Fight. These insects were bred (from champion cricket family line???), fed good food (at least good food in the six-legged world) and even given beds to increase their odds of winning fights against another crickets .

Below are preserved bodies of all-time Champion Cricket Fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Cricket Championship. And a Cricket Casket for those worthy enough to deserve them. Being an insect has never looked this good before!

Once I exited the Museum on the third floor, I found out that I was on top of Mount Fortress and got a good view of the surrounding area.
This fortress was built in the 1600's and used as primary defense centre against the coastline. In contrast to this, Macau Museum was just built in 1998.

Even with the Casinoes, the wealthy Chinese businessmen and the international five star hotels, Macau still needs development in some of its locations.

From the Fortress, you can see Ruins of St. Paul ...

and also some cannons, which all seem to be pointing towards Grand Lisboa Hotel in the city center...

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