Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Milo Marathon - August 3, 2008

The biggest Run event in the country is now headed to Manila. Registration is now open at Annapolis and fee is Php 100 for both 5k and 10k races, and Php 200 for 42k. Plus, need a 300gram Milo pack as well upon registration (you can buy it there for Php 30 if needed).

Will definitely join this along with fellow runners Janine+ and Perper Oven. Venue for this event will be at Luneta Park and all runners are required to wear the Milo Singlet. So it will be another Green event for me, after the successful One La Salle Run.

Since this will be super duper crowded and with unfamiliar territory, I doubt I can beat my P.R., so will just do this as part of history. Maybe next time, I will be more ready to try on the Full Marathon but until then, it's the 10k event for me :P

To download registration form, just click on link below:

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