Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Macau Tower - Bungy Jump

A visit to Macau will not be complete without visiting Macau Tower and Convention Centre. With a height of 338 meters, it is the 10th tallest free standing tower in the world and 8th tallest in Asia. As high places go, this tourist spot offers great views of the entire Macau area from its Observation Deck, which can easily be accessed by a high-speed elevator and paying the entry fee of MOP 80 (PHP 480.00). There is a coffee shop on the Observation Deck, some pay per view binoculars, and some strong fiberglass on the floor that you can step on (just so you can see how high you are from the ground).
At the base of the tower, there is one theatre, a Toys "R" Us store (one and only branch in Macau), Warner Bros. Store, a coffee shop and some souvenir stores.
Highlight for me wasn't visiting the highest tower in Macau but JUMPING OFF it! Shit, what was I thinking??? It was just something I had to do just because it's there, and it is the highest Bungy in the whole wide world at a scary height of 233 meters (765 feet). Phew! Cold sweats the entire time but I try to play it cool and easy. Haha! (nervous laughter)
Figured I would be the only one fool enough to do this task but when I went there the first time, it was already filled up for the day so I had no choice but to make a reservation the next day (which was also the day I head back to Manila) and just come back again.
So came back at 2PM right after lunch, when Bungy had just opened and there were already some 10 -15 people right in front of me! Wow, demand for this thing is high and it isn't even cheap (price list below).

I had to pay the Observation Deck entrance fee (good thing I didn't go up there the day before) because the owner of the Observation Deck is different from the owner of the Bungy/ Skyjump and only way to access jump off point is through...yup, the Observation Deck (very sneaky tactic guys). Good thing I found a 20% discount for Bungy at one of the hotels in Macau so that kind of lessened the financial pains.
Jump off point is another 5 floors up from Observation Deck so I had to ride the elevator again, but once I got off the 61st floor, process was very smooth. There were already some staff members waiting there, so all I needed to do was pay the fee, get the free shirt, change into that shirt (they need it to distinguish as to who is doing the jump and who is just watching the jump), put things in the locker and come back again where they make me sign the waiver and have me weighed (maximum weight limit is 240 pounds so good thing I wasn't a Running Obeseboy...yet). They would then write on my hand my weight in kilos and put on me the safety harness and had me weighed again. Then comes the waiting...
And the watching, as people in front of you fall off the tower one by one. It takes about 10 minutes for them to prepare the entire thing for the next person. Amid all this, there were nervous smiles among ourselves as we were all probably thinking "don't let me die don't let me die please don't let me die".
Finally, they called out my name and lead me outside where they made me sit again as they wrapped some thick towels around my legs and tied it around me a couple of times. A camera man and video camera guy took my shots and video, which they will sell to me later on at an expensive price.

Then, it was time to stand up and hop to the ledge. And on a count of 5, I have to "fall off" the ledge.
"Fall off?", I asked.
"Yes, because if you jumped, you might hit the tower."
"Fuck! Fall off it is then!"
"Ok, so ready, 1...2...3...4... wait...say hi first to the camera".
"Hi" but thinking fuck fuck fuck!
"Ok now we are ready. Arms open. Ready. 1...2....3...4....5"
My arms flap widely for open space (I suddenly remembered all those Looney Tunes cartoon especially that of Wile E. Coyote).
Ground comes up with what looks like a Bulls' Eye Target on it.
But then I come up again, only to fall again.
And then I just hang there. Literally. Upside-down with my feet tied so tightly that I can't feel my legs anymore but still getting the feeling that it would just come off and I will just fall to my death. Blood rushes to my head. And still I hang there.
I get lowered but only a little bit. Blood rushes further to my head. I tried to move my head up. That didn't work so then tried my body. That worked for a few seconds before the rope started turning and turning. Just gave up and let all blood rush to my head.
Got lowered again but still so far away. This is agonizing pain! Arrghh, this is taking way too long! Lowered again. Really really long. But finally it was over. I was on the ground after being helped by a staff. My shirt was drenched with sweat and I had to take elevator up again to get my things and get the priceless photos.
At the locker room, I met some of my fellow jump mates, strangers an hour ago, but then we got talking, gave each other high fives and said how great the jump was. Then we became strangers again.
I got the entire loot package as figured this is something I won't do again so at least will have these things for my memory, then headed for the bus station to go back to the hotel.

"Ain't no tower high enough. Ain't no....la la la "

Pre-jump picture.

Picture picture first!

And ... I'm off!

This was probably the point where I was screaming!

Probably this point too...

Yes. Even this one.

The "target" is the square thing found at bottom right of photo.

Yeah baby yeah!

1) To go to Macau tower I just took Bus NO. 32 from Fisherman's Wharf area. Bus fare about MOP 3.50 only. From Venetian Hotel, I took the free shuttle bus to Sands Hotel and from there, just crossed street to Fisherman's Wharf and to bus station. Same way if heading back from Tower. Bus No. 9A, 21, 23 also go to Macau Tower but from different bus stop areas.
2) Bungy jump is only from 2PM- 6PM and usually very crowded. Better to reserve at least a day ahead. Contact details and reservation can be found at this website:
3) For Bungy jump, go there early just so you can finish early. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to finish the entire thing so leave schedule free for that day.


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With all your traveling, good thing you still have time to run at the Mizuno event last Sunday.

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