Monday, June 30, 2008

Mizuno's Rush to Infinity Run - June 29,2008 (part 2)

Weather was good (no sun and no rain), ample water stations with lots and lots of Water and Rush Fitness drinks so with these factors, it would naturally mean that I would perform better than the Mizuno 15k done last March 2008. As the black 8 ball would say, "Outlook not good".

Burned out at around 10KM and had hard time running all the way till the finish line. It just seemed so long. I really need to build my endurance further especially since I have a half marathon to do in October (found out from other people that race course may not be 15km long as organizers have extended the route inside Heritage Park to go around entire loop instead of making a left turn to head to Park exit but this will need to be verified later on).

I also used my Nike+ Sportsband for the first time in a race and it worked out fine. Since I prefer my New Balance shoes, I just used the Nike shoe wallet Peter gave me for the sensor and final results show that distance ran was at 15.31KM (though some Garmin users said theirs show distance of 15.7k so don't know which, if any, is accurate), calories burned at 1,431 minutes, pace of 6'34" per km and duration of 1hour 40 minutes and 40 seconds.

I didn't even notice I was wearing the shoe wallet. It was that light. Sportsband is also lighter than the sport watches I am used to and showed pace, time and distance. I am quite happy with this product though Per frustrated with hers as her distance was reflected at 7km only eventhough she did the 10km route (her first ever).

Race generally good except for some minor problems:

1) They forgot to separate the 5,10 and 15k finishers into three separate lines so line was quite long as racers all merged together there. Unfortunate also for those looking at setting new Personal Record because of long wait at line which brings us to...

2) Race results are very wrong. Mine showed it to be 2 hours and 11 minutes along with 200+ other racers. Good thing I have Nike+ to do my own recording. Out of 8 of us in the group who joined this race, only 2 got their results correct.

Group Shot with Sen. Cayetano

So glad to have finished this race. My hardest one so far...

Per was ecstastic after finishing her first 10k ever. Congrats Girl!

And as for Kervin...

Sad face but he was okay after eating breakfast....hehe :P Congrats on your first 10k too Kerv!

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Jeanne said...

shall there be a part 3 after this finish line fiasco? let's wait and see...