Thursday, June 26, 2008

Venetian Hotel - Macau

Venetian Hotel in Macau is where we stayed from June 17-21, 2008. Though the hotel rates are quite pricey (especially on weekends wherein they jack up the prices), rooms are spacious enough and can fit about 5 persons. Room has two king size beds and one sofa bed. There are also two television sets, bathtub, fridge, and safe. What I didn't like was that the bathrooms had no lock so there is always a fear somebody might enter it while you are taking a shower or a dump (made effective use of "DO NOT DISTURB" sign for that problem).

Cirque de Soleil will also set up a permanent performance area here next Month so if you plan to visit, wait until they get here so you can enjoy the show.

Free Shuttle bus offered by hotel for plane passengers or ferry passengers (in-bound Macau from Hong Kong). Most Macau hotels offer free shuttle services but think Venetian got the biggest bus of them all.

Lobby ceiling

Hotel lobby

Still part of the hotel lobby. It's really that big!! Not only did they have a Main Lobby but they also have a West Lobby and an East Lobby. And there are two separate areas to go up to your hotel rooms: South and North entrances.

Venetian night view. Blurred shot as got it inside a moving bus..

On June 18,2008, instead of joining with my clan for some downtown area shopping, I spent the day at Venetian Hotel's shopping arcade. Weather was terrible that day and just didn't feel like going out and getting wet. Here are some things I found...

Gondoliers scattered all over the shopping area. They also sing. A lot.

Fast food court. They have very good Singaporean food here. Had Bakuteh while mom had Laksa the next day. Very authentic.

Masks in glass cases scattered all over the place. There is even a mask store somewhere but really pricey!

Scary bridges...

Night entertainers.

Day entertainers. There is also a photo opportunity with group after they do their singing. But it comes at a price as they will use their own cameras and won't allow you to use yours.

Pinoy entertainer on stilts...

And a creepy human statue

Me: "Uy pare, haven't seen you for a long time! Didn't recognize you!
I-Statue ba talaga?"
Statue: ......
Me: "Sumagot ka naman"
Statue: .....

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