Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nike+ Sports Band

Running Fatboy has a new toy! And it's the Nike+ Sports Band

This super cool super sleek device looks like one of those plastic rubberbands that Lance Armstrong made famous with his yellow Livestrong campaign against Cancer.

I just bought a few days ago at Nike Store in High Street (at that time, they only have 6 pieces left and had already finished more than two boxes in a span of two months). You don't even need a Nike+ shoe to make the sensor work. All you need is a shoe wallet to put the sensor in attach the shoe wallet to your shoe and just run run run!!!

This device measures your pace, how many km you've run, the time you ran, calories burned and also the time. Best of all, once you plug it in your PC, it automatically shows you your run record and plots it on a graph. It shows you your record times in terms of longest runs, fastest time (1 mile, 10KM, etc) and last 5 runs so you can use this always as basis in setting your own goals and targets.

Very tech ware (wear?) but perfect for anybody as very easy to understand (Nike even made instructions very basic by only using pictures and no's that simple!).

At first, I thought that battery lasts quite shortly as read somewhere that it is only good for 14 hours before you need to have it recharged via your computer. Not very practical especially if you have an early morning run. Good thing that wasn't true as battery life is based on 14 hours of running! If you do not use it for running, then it just shows the time and battery consumption here is quite low (after 24 hours and 30 minutes usage at the gym, battery is still full). So it is also good for travelling and no need for a watch anymore.

Things I don't like:

1. Once you use it for running, you can't see the current time so if you have no watch with you and doing a full marathon, you need to compute what time it is based on your running time or just wear a watch on your other arm.

2. No light feature for night running but think reason for this is to make it as light as possible so won't be burden to running so don't really mind...

Final verdict: Used at gym today for only 30 minutes (4.2km) but based on this, it looks okay. Weird though that its KM was short by 0.05km from treadmill so maybe have to start it few seconds before the actual run just to prepare its mechanism. Will try it again this Sunday when I do the Mizuno 15km challenge to give it a more accurate test. In the meantime, will just it wear everytime I go to the gym this week (which will be one more time...hehe)


Tips for buying: If you want to buy one (think fast as may run out soon), use Citibank card for 10% discount (that's a whopping P300+ already). If you don't have one, look for a friend who does and plead with him/her to help you get this nifty product.


janine+ said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nike+, RFB. Woo-hoo!

Jason said...

nice rfb - not sure the time comment is correct tho...just bought mine and i think if you click the button on the side enough times it will tell you what time it is.

Running Fatboy said...

hi jason, thanks for the tip. will try it out on my next work out if it works or not.

Running Fatboy said...

nope. no time feature while in usage. Only when you stopped its program does time come up again...

Trigger1978 said...

I got mine today... It's looks great and is cool sportwatch.

Tomorrow I will do my first run with it. Hope the calibraton works.