Sunday, October 19, 2008

How I Relaxed After My 21km

1. Breakfast Buffet style. Yes we were pigging out right after the race. Each having 2-3 plates of hot Asian and Intercontinental dishes! We were there till they had to close off the Breakfast at 10:30AM. This was part of our hotel package so at least we didn't spend more for this.

2. Lying in Bed. I had one hour sleep and just watched TV or read for the next two hours. I didn't want to move anymore after running for more than 2 hours.

3. Go to the Pool. For a dip and to cool off. I also used this area to stretch some more and did a little bit swimming so my muscles will be back in shape by tomorrow. Not that I am running or anything! Sitting on my room balcony with this view calms the mind as well.

4. Hot Shower. I admit it took me a while to finally shower as was really drained by the run but by the time I did, I welcomed it. :)

5. Booze. Drinking cold beer on a hot day definitely makes my day!

6. Buffet Dinner. Again we all had buffet dinner at Hyatt Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. I skipped lunch so was hungry again by the time we got here. I didn't feel any guilt on this because of the xxx number of calories I burned this morning.

7. Foot Massage. To end off the day, all 6 of us had a very nice one hour foot massage near our hotel. It helps relieve some of the muscle pains around the thigh area.

8. Go Shopping. To reward yourself for the hard work you did in the run. 6 people = 6 Oakley Shades! Price was significantly lower than in the Philippines so quite a good deal. Mine was at least 25% off from retail prices here. A lot of them got the Ducati one but being a runner, I opted immediately for the Livestrong one.
This was done the next day at 1Borneo Mall, 20 minutes away from Pacific Sutera Resort

9. Prayer. Most important of all for me for thanking God that He protected me from harm in this race and all my previous races.


janine+ said...

How come you didn't wear your shades during the Botak run? It was so hot pa naman. =)

Johnny Sy said...

Wow! Running in a different country is definitely a tremendous experience -- I hope to expand into other countries soon, should my travels allow. Great job and inspiring stories. But, the after run meals are the best part -- right?? Running just gives you more opportunities to eat what you want to eat -- I love that part!! he! he!

Hope to catch you in one of the races. Too bad we didn't catch each other at Botak!

Running Fatboy said...

hi Janine, I did wear said shades at the run. I just put it on top of my head after the run. hehe.

hi Johnny Sy, you are so right on the food! Haha! You get to eat a lot with no guilt at all... :)

janine+ said...

Yeah? Must've been a really bad case of heatstroke for me. haha. But definitely not as deadly as the Borneo sun, I imagine. Yikes.

jinides said...

RFB, check out johnny sy's blog. janine+ and i are "featured" there. hahaha.