Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Please Don't Stop the Music" - Botak Run

Running Fatboy is back in his home town and is sporting some new gears!

First and foremost is a pair of sunglasses I bought a week ago in scorching hot Borneo. First time I wore sunglasses in a race as always afraid it would come off while running and be stepped on by another fellow runner. YIKES! Another thing is that some races start quite early with no sun yet so it will be too dark to wear a pair of these babies. But what's the point of buying sport sunglasses if you don't use it in your sport? So here was my first try. And I looooovvee it! The sweat didn't even get into my eyes!

Another gear is using the Ipod Nano that Per gave to me. I usually use the Ipod for long road trips and it was my first use in a race given I found a nifty arm band for it (with a very feminine pink color). It had a clip at its back so I can also attach it to my shorts if I wanted to. Unfortunately, the arm band's quality wasn't nice as lots of loose threads so I was afraid of chafing in this race. So I improvised my ancient arm band from my more ancient and broken down Ipod Mini to fix this device. And it worked! And the music came into my ears! Rihanna, U2, Foo Fighters, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, American Idols, and of course my favorite: FATBOY Slim. It's like the Fatboy band is pushing this Fatboy to keep on running to the finish line!!! RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!

These two gears will be part of my regular races especially the upcoming Nov 9 15km and Nov 16 25km where I need some music to keep the boredom away.

As Rihanna would sing, "Please don't stop the music"! And the music didn't stopped until I crossed the finish line at 59 minutes 28 seconds. No P.R. but still good time for me given it's supposed to be a recovery run. Incidentally, Rihanna is coming here the day that I will run my first 25km so I really hope I have enough energy for this once in a lifetime concert. :)

Girls modeling their preferred sports band: Janine in her Mizuno shirt, Jeanne in Botak, and Per in Nike. Which is the best brand?

Bloggers unite! Vener (Run unlimited), Me (Running Fatboy), Taki (Tech Spec). Also met Brother J (J Running) and Charles (Schlagger Returns)...

Missed out on taking photo with the Stormtroopers but got the next best thing: UP's running superhero!

Till the next run!


run unltd. said...

Hey Dennis, good music choice. From warm up mix to pushing the pace mix, sarap takbuhan niyan.

I prefer Nike(s) as my brand. See you again.

janine+ said...

I {heart} Nike too! Just can't show it, as it is underneath the Mizuno shirt. Let's keep this blog wholesome. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis. Having a photo-op with all the runner-bloggers, Happy Feet and the Philippine running community will be great but I can't leave without a phot-op with Zorro! Take care and will see you soon! - Wayne

Bro J said...

Hi Dennis, It was nice meeting you! You grab our photos from my site. See you next race! God bless!

Jinoe said...

Race results for Botak Paabilisan are now at :D

Running Fatboy said...

hi vener, you are right. Just need to add more songs so I won't get sick of it.

hi Janine+, ummm okay.... :)

hi Wayne, definitely one for the books!

hi Bro J, thanks my man! Take care

hi Jinoe, thanks for this update. Love your Takbo website