Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bormeo Marathon - Pasta Party

The Pasta Party was held as Likas Stadium on October 11, 2008. This would be the starting point for full, half and 10km race the following day. It was also at this site where we picked up our race kits.

We got here around 730pm and immediately went to look for the registration area. They were very organized and our names were already on their lists. It took just 5-10 minutes to collect all our kits and proceed to the badminton court for the free dinner.

Registration Area

At the indoor area, the place was already filled with runners, most noticeable was a group of Kenyans seated in one section. A lot of runners were wearing their finisher singlet that night. I saw one wore Singapore Marathon Finisher shirt, another who wore HK Marathon Singlet, and two more runners who wore the Singapore Night Marathon Shirt. It seemed like a good place to show to other people where you ran in already. I am in awe of all these people who have completed a full marathon and hope I can be one of them as well in the future.

There was a short speech by the organizers after which dinner was started. On one side of the room is the Eastern cuisine which had rice, noodles and Asian dishes while on the other side was the Western section with pasta and pizza. Benny and I went to the pasta section after having our fill of Malaysian food for two days now.

Part of the buffet...

.... And the line leading to it!

Running FatBoy's carbo loading time! Good food and bottomless drinks as well ! Yummy!

The most photographed runner that night is this woman in Catwoman costume from SingaPURR (Sorry, couldn't resist) !! She will also do the half marathon race.

There was a cultural dance show on stage so we can see some traditional dances. After enjoying the food and the show, Ben and I tried to get back home. Problem was that there were no taxis in this area !! In the end, we ended up hitching a ride with one of the organizer and she was kind enough to drop us off at our hotel. Phew! Lucky us and big thanks to the good samaritan!

In my hotel room, I checked what's included in my kit.
I got the following things: Adidas discount coupon, two bib numbers, chip timer and Adidas singlet. This is the best singlet I ever got in any race ! So happy with it and will be sure to wear it in my future runs ! :)

Final task for the night was attaching the chip timer to my shoe...

And I am ready for my very first 21K race! GRRRRRRR !!!!


Anonymous said...

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run unltd. said...

Hi Dennis, congratulations on your run. How did you finish? You know I had already attended two pasta parties here in PH and the only similarity I found with that in Kota is the long line leading to the food, he he. Kung sa pagkain talaga, di pahuhuli ang mga runners. Congrats again, recover well.

Cornelius Koh said...

Glad to know you enjoyed running in KK. Hope to see more runners from the Philippines next year.

By the way, for the sake of accuracy, we had the pasta party on the 11th as opposed to the 10th evening; and the marathon itself was on the 12th.

Running Fatboy said...

hi Vener, Thanks! I hope you had a good time in your Adidas KOTR last Saturday.

Hi Cornelius, Thanks for this. I have revised the article to reflect the correct date. I hope you can also try one of the runs here in the Philippines in the future :)