Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Final Race for 2008! - UP ICTUS Centennial Run

Yesterday at Yakult 10 miler, Per and I saw booth for above race and thought about joining it. Details are as follows:

A 5km and 10km marathon for the benefit of the UP ICTUS scholars and apostolates. A part of the year-ender celebration of the UP Centennial Anniversary

Date: December 14, 2008. Sunday.
Venue: UP Academic Oval
Race Start: 6:00AM
On-site Reg Fee: P500 / P250 (Early Reg Fee)
Registration can be done at the following:UP ICTUS Tambayan in the Parish of the HOly Sacrifice Compoundor at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig


Hmmm, so tempting!!! With Per's on-off knee injuries and me wanting to wake up on a Sunday at a time that is NOT 4AM, we had to think twice about it but in the end, we decided to do this as a final race for 2008.

Since this race will be done by Coach Rio, there won't be any worries on delay with race results, lack of water, etc. so that's one more reason to join this race.

Upon checking my records, I've noticed that the very first race I did this year which was waaaaayyy back in January 18 was the UP Century Run with a finish time of 1 hour 12 minutes. How cool will it be to start 2008 with UP Century Run and end 2008 with UP Centennial Run???? A full circle in terms of racing venues! Awesome!

My goals for this race is as follows (arranged from easiest to most difficult):

1. Beat my UP Century Run finish time of 1 hour 12 minutes - to see how much I've improved since then
2. Finish Race in less than 1 hour.
3. Beat Personal Best Time by going under 58 minutes.

The 10km course will be just two 5km loops and both of us will be going for the longer race.
And for those who are also having 2nd thoughts on joining this race, I only have this to say:
"Don't think, just ______ !" (Answer on picture above)


Anonymous said...

hmm...very tempting nga ito. malapit lang sa akin (compared to the fort, moa and ccp). congrats nga pala for a good run at Yakult. hi din pala to Per.

Rico Villanueva said...

Good to hear you and Per are doing this race. You're right, full circle. Pa-burger ka ba if you meet your goals? Sagot ko pantulak if I beat mine (sub-1hr).

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Running Fatboy said...

hi Wilbert, since you just did a back to back, i'm sure this will just be easy for you. :)

hi Rico, hilig mo talaga sa burger!! hahaha! Good luck on meeting your goals!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for your race!
take care and see you next year...