Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How Running Affects our Christmas 2008

HO! HO! HO! is now HUFF! HUFF! HUFF!

It seems running has taken a new form for me and Per. It isn't just a form of exercise that you do to burn off some of the calories you've collected from drinking and eating different kind of non-healthy food.

Running is more than that. It has become a fun and competitive sport. Fun in that it is always great to discuss and share your running experiences with friends and family who had the same experiences. Fun in that you meet new friends who have different jobs but you all share the same interests in running. Competitive in that you go against yourself in beating your old records in terms of faster finish time and longer distance ran.

Now, running in all its pain and glory has spread to our Christmas but not in the way you think. No, there are no Christmas Fun Runs this year nor are there any New Year's Day Fun Runs. At least, not this year! :) No, we aren't going to do any long runs, drills, tempo runs, etc. this holiday season.

So how does Running affect our Christmas?

Through the gifts of course!

So far, I've gotten a Garmin case to put in my Garmin Watch and Charger from my sister Carolyn. Perfect for out of town trips when I feel the need to run there!

From Per's older sister, I have received a Runner's Diary 2009 so I can log in my runs here, put in the number of km done for the day and total for the week and has a lot of tips and stories about running that I can relate to. Definitely handy!

For Per's gift to herself, she bought her very own Garmin Watch. Just in time for PSE Bull Run in January, her first race in 2009! Cool !!!!

For my gift to myself, I bought a copy of "SPIRIT OF MARATHON" DVD so we can watch it together to get the motivation we need for our Singapore Race in May 2008.

And as part of my Christmas gift to Per, I have ordered online via PHOTOVENDO.PH some photos from our UP Race as it was our final race for 2008. Her two photos I will just insert in her Christmas Card. Very efficient services by the way and the photos are really really nice !!!!


Since this is our first year of running, this is also the first time some of the gifts we've given and received is related to our love of running.

What about you? What are some of the running related things you've given / received this Holiday Season? And what are the other ways Running affects your Christmas for 2008?



ibetlacbay said...

i will be running on Christmas Day and it is the first time i will be doing this!

Merry Christmas to you and to Per!

sfrunner said...

Dennis, Merry Christmas to you and Per.

I've been running on Christmas for the last 20 years. It's really nice because there's hardly anyone out running so one feels that they have the trails or the roads to themselves. I go to church on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays to both of you and a prosperous 2009!

run unltd. said...

Well, I should be running. Merry xmas to both of you.

Running Fatboy said...

Wilbert, Wayne, Vener, Merry Xmas to you and your family! It was nice meeting and getting to know you guys this year. See you again in 2009!