Friday, December 19, 2008

Adidas Sundown Marathon 2009 (Singapore)

Just typing down 42k for the labels of this entry brought fear and goosebumps to me. Why oh why am I doing this? Why am I not satisfied to finishing a 25km and just stick to 10km races? I still don't know the answer but I guess it's the challenge of completing a full marathon and seeing if you can do it and not (fingers crossed) getting disqualified for not finishing it. It is every runner's dream after all...
So for my first ever 42km, I have chosen this event to do it. I want it to be outside Philippines so I can get the full effect of the sceneries of a foreign land as will be running for 5-7 hours so want everything that I see to be new. Hong Kong in February 2009 is too near and Singapore in December 2009 is too far so this one in May 2009 will be just right!

Some good things of joining this race:
1. The very long cut-off time of 11 hours! One way or another, I think this will be achievable. Since this will be my first marathon, finish time isn't important. Only that I finish it! Of course, will still put a goal which for me is at a very conservative 6 to 6.5 hours.
2. It will be starting at midnight! No waking up early at 2AM! No blistering heat from the sun till about 7 hours later when it is already morning! But it will still be humid as this is Singapore after all and not sure yet how I can sleep during the day to be refreshed when the gun is fired.


3. This race is on its 2nd year. I am always hesitant on doing a long race on its pioneer year of organizing one as there can still be some mistakes and things forgotten due to lack of experience. Still 2nd year is a short track record but I'm sure there will still be some improvements from the race last year (not that there was anything wrong from last year's race!).

4. Goodies Bag! Included with the race kit is an Adidas Event singlet and all Finishers will receive an Adidas Sundown Marathon Finisher Visor and a Finisher's medal.

5. On personal note, I won't be doing this alone. Well, so far I am alone in the full marathon (hu hu) but I have two friends who registered for the 10k race, which is open to female runners only (wonder why that race isn't open to male runners?). So it will still be a fun trip among running friends for this. Not sure though if I can shop after race given how tired I will be.

I have registered for this so no turning back anymore. Now, I need to log in more miles with training starting January 2009!

This will be my biggest challenge yet! As the ad says, DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! But can this Running FatBaoy do it???????? And for those of you who have done a full marathon and doesn't see the challenge anymore, well, they also have an ULTRA-MARATHON run with diance of 84km !
For more details including registration (right now, it's early bird promo of SG$80 for Ultra, SG$60 for full and SG$40 for 10km until January 31), go to:

The Route Map for 42km. 84km is two loops here!

Singlet sample for Men's 42km raceSinglet sample for Women's 10km race

DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! And do it with me! hehe.. :)


ibetlacbay said...

i also share the same sentiments of not being content to running 10K or 25K. i guess once you have done a 21K or 25K, the next thing to eye for is a full. good luck to us doing a full in a foreign land! time to start training.

bards said...

the lure of going further and further is just irresistible. next thing you know ... running an ultra is not a crazy idea anymore :P have fun training for your first marathon.

Running Fatboy said...

Hi Wilbert, good luck on your USA Marathon! Running in a foreign land should be a diff kind of experience for us all!

hi Bards, hmmm....maybe but right now, running an ultra IS STILL A CRAZY IDEA for me! haha. Take care

Rico Villanueva said...

Dennis, para kang marketing personnel ng Adidas (haha). Hanep sa promotion :-) Buti ka pa nakahanap ka na ng full marathon target mo. Good luck, dude! Kaya mo, yan!


Hi..i was thinking if i should go for my first 42km in Sundown Singapore.After reading your posting...maybe I will just do it!!

Jeanne said...

i. want. to. run. here.

*jealous, jealous, jealous*

Running Fatboy said...

hi Rico, thanks for words of encouragement. Hope I really can do it. haha

hi Life is Great, Go Go Go !!!!

hi Jeanne, there is always 2010 if you missed this one! hehe.

Jeanne said...

tagal pa!!! haha